Day 17 of LST, how’s she lookin? (day 37V)

Topped on the 4th node as well!

Day of topping, no LST yet

recovery from topping, still no LST

recovery from 2nd LST, no pics of the 1st

recovery from 3rd LST (morning after, probably still has a day on recovery), I plan to let her stretch up a bit before the next session then flip to flower, what do you guys think? Lookin good so far?


Looks very nice! Lots of room for buds. Good job!

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thanks man, that’s what I was hoping for !! This is my first grow so I just wanted to make sure I’m doing everything right lol

She is looking good. Nice job.

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Yep, you got it going on. Good job.

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Beautiful. Love the spread.

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