Day 13 into my grow. What are these and what do I do with them?

This is my little girl. My first one.

Not to be silly, but what are the spikey things growing and what should I be doing with them?


Looks normal to me. What “spikey things” are you referring to?

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Do you mean the growth tips at the bases of the fan leaves?

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I take it that those things on the stem are going to turn into other leaves, right?

They’ll turn into your lower branches.

my first time. I don’t know how she grows.

you wouldn’t happen to know what a Mars Hydro TS 1000 is supposed to be on intensity wise?
Put up a new one today in my tent and have it set @ 50%

I’m going to defer this one to @kaptain3d. He runs 2 TS1000s (rather successfully I’d say :wink: :fire:). He can give you exact info on that light. You should check out his indoor plants.

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I never checked…
I run them 100 %, all the time and I just try to keep them 24 to 30 inches away from the canopy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The main thing I try to be careful about is the temperature at the canopy. Again, I’m not an expert, I check with my hand over the canopy. If the lights feels uncomfortable on my skin, I raise them until I’m comfortable. :nerd_face:

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@kaptain3d thanks. I’ll juice the power up and check how things are tomorrow during feeding.
Thanks so much

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Happy to help :nerd_face: