Dark drying room

I am about ready to harvest but here is my problem, the only dark space is a closet, then all my close will smell. What i planned was a darkened room, humidity is 50%, temp in the low 70s.
Will this work? Also have a fan for circulation

Target 60% RH. I’ve dried in dark and light and imho either way is fine. I’ve seen no difference in the end product.


I use garment boxes you can get at Home Depot to dry in. Works great.


I am so happy to hear that, so crowded dont have space, remember children when you down-size you still have furniture that fits big rooms, duh.


I have similar issues. I found that the WeDryer XL was the answer to my issues.

Check out this link:


I love mine Newt.


It’s one of my better investments

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Its taken me a couple tries to get it right. But my 3 by 2 tent gpt turned into my curing/ storage tent. Ive gotten the temps and rh% to stay consistent and right about in the sweet range.

I just chopped this one last night.


It is all in the curing.

Slower the drying , the better the highing, Save some for the cure. this process I have developed on my own before anyone cured their weed. Now it is the truth. Glass jars and Bovida RH regulating pouches with RH monitors to know when to burp off moisture. It takes time but if you have enougfh weed it is the only way to know how good your grow really was.