Dandelion seeds stuck to buds

I am trying to figure out how i could possibly get dandelion seeds off of my budding autoflower. I have it growing outside and it is covered in seeds and fuzz from dandelions. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Mine were getting cottonwood on them, which is floating rampantly right now, and i just carefully grab the fuzz and pull away from the bud and they come right off for me. I was glad to have noticed them NOW, before the buds form around them and confuse later on thinking it’s “web” of some sort (i.e. spider mites, etc)


I wish it was easy enough to pull them off but all the hair from the dandelion gets stuck in the stickiness of the bud. I just dont want to smoke dandelion lol


Sounds like tou really have a problem here ive never herd of this happening before so i really dont have any answers the only thing i can say is be patient and start pulling them off

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Try to carefully pick them off but you will want to do a good bud wash right after harvest. I use lemon juice (strained) and baking soda. It will help dislodge bugs, dirt, etc…


I was also thinking a bud wash would work. What would be the appropriate mixture per gallon?

Each bucket swish lightly for 30 seconds
They recommend trimming dirt but I do a quick trim to get of any fan leaves

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Problem solved with a good bud wash. Didnt have to use lemon juice or baking soda. Just plain water in 2 sinks. Thousands of dandelion seeds down the drain and my buds smell fresher than befor it was cut. Thanks for the help everyone. I wouldnt have thought about the bud was because iv never done one befor. Im use to growing pounds on a plant not a few ozs from an auto so bud washing was never a priority.