Damn Neighbor ! !!

Ok so I got 8 plants outside. Started flowering everything was GREAT! I go out yesterday and there starting to go back to veg. My neighbor cut alot of trees down and now the street lights are hitting directly on them. Would it be better to cover them? Or can I dig them up and put them in a big pot and move them in my barn?
All 6 are clones.
1 is about 2 feet
3 are about 1 foot
2 are about 4-5 feet
Maybe the smaller ones so it won’t be a bust this season. Because his goats have already eaten a total of 14 so far this year.

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I vote go with a cover in flower stage digging them up don’t sound like a good idea. I like all animals but I think I’d have to get me a dog to keep the goat’s run off.
Good luck