Cure plants in soil

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question about curing. I have heard way back in the 70s that some growers used to just let the soil dry up at the end of a grow and break the flower tops just enough so they still hung from the plant and allowed the weed to dry up while still in the soil. I also heard this forces the plant to try to save these tops and pump all the remaining thc in to these tops.
I have looked for any information on this topic but found non. I am certain this would produce a profound couch lock effect but that is what I am looking for. Any reason not to do this? Would I be wasting my plant trying this as an experiment?
Thank you for you in put. I have some cannabis that I am waiting extra long to harvest this time. I have flushed it very well and am using soil, the soil is still very damp and I think I may be able to squeeze another 2 weeks. I could lower the humidity with a dehumidifier and dry the soil out completely. What do you think?

Can’t cure without harvest. When the “old-timers” let there plants dry is to shorten drying time after pulling up plant - then comes curing

Yep, I’ll take science and studies before I trust “stoner’s logic” from the 60’s &70’s.
Dried, broken buds = dead plant = what is it doing in the dirt? As long as they are not in the sun, Steve2 is right, it is just drying on the stalk.
The plant’s chemicals still do what they should do, mature and degrade…so harvest, cure, jar and enjoy…all we can do is slow it down by drying and keeping it in the dark.