Cultivating With a Feline

So I’ve got a post somewhere on here about Nutriant help, but it also includes my grow process of my very first grow(ended up being a male) and my current second grow. So I figured it was time to create my first grow journal sense I’ve got some free time. I will try my best with specs and measurements.

Seed: Random seed out of top shelf bud.

Medium: Natures Organic Potting Soil. No fertilizers added.

Pot: 3 Gal plastic pot. I’ve got a 5 gal fabric smart pot but just waiting to transplant or for next grow.

Fan/Circulation I’ve got a 3 speed better fan on top of my grow box for sucking up the heat from the CFL’s and ive got a little desk fan for circulation on the plant itself.

Growbox: Its a 55Gal Sterilight tub. Measurements are 20" wide, 35" tall, and 20" deep.

Lights: Six 23w (100w equiv) 6.5k CFL’s. (Found a Vespar 300w for $80, might be my next upgrade lol)

I’ve got it on a 18/6 light cycle now because I finally bought a timer for it so i figured why waste electricity. lol I am slightly worried about it’s size because it was transported into a pot on March 23, making today exactly 14 days from soil. Now my feline friend did have a mightnight snack on the 3rd of April and i know cutting the ends of the leafs tricks the plant into thinking it needs more root growth then veg growth but im hoping she stands up tall. ive already topped her which i did yesterday. I’m excited for LST or maybe even some super cropping. If I am missing anything, LET ME KNOW. lol This is my first grow journal. So lets start with March 23rd.

3/23/18: Planted the seed, started 24/h light cycle at 1pm.

3/24/18: Seed popped out of the dirt!!!

3/27/18: First set of true leafs are showing.

3/29/18: Second set of true leafs are showing.

3/31/18: Started showing its first deficiency which worried me but thanks to an ILGM member, i was informed it was a Ph issue.

4/3/18: APRIL THIRD TWOTHOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN MY FELINE CAT DECIDED HE WANTED A MIDNIGHT SNACK. Woke up and almost murdered my cat. He is very curious about me growing and is always watching from a far when i water or do anything in the grow closet. I couldn’t stay mad at him. I went to a hydroponics store that I had recently found out about and got a Ph Control kit and a few misc things for the future as well as put it on a 18/6 light cycle thinking it would help it.

4/6/18: I went ahead and topped it a little early but figured it might help with growth. I readjusted my lights all over again so they are hanging for better heat circulation. It’s been 3 days sense our Feline friend Crowley munched on it and it looks good. Im still worried for its height but i’m sure im just overthinking it.

Happy Cultivating and I’ll be in touch!


Well, your cat certainly had a nice snack! She’ll recover though, no real damage done. She looks good considering she was a meal.


Sounds good so far, except your height limit

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@raustin AGREED! Lol I’m glad shes making a speedy recovery. Root system better be great for the size she is though. lol

@HornHead I planed on it being a micro build anyway. box is alittle narrow but if i upgrade to that Vespra I will probably take it out of the grow box. Here is a picture of the closet set up right now. I would love to just take it out of the box completely and just use the half of the closet but i feel like the CFL’s wouldn’t be able to reflect as well as being in a reflector box so to speak lol


lol,i’ll let my critters in only with supervision…lol
my cat has nibbled on a leaf or two but it was a fan leaf on a full grown plant…
had a dog eat a smalll skunk roach before…very sedated she was…lol
my point being,treat them like kids around your stuff…lol

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I like the half a two liter. Hope you have plenty of holes.

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like that set up … @psychEDM


She thought she was helping you with pruning. Lol

Mine “helped” with my Amnesia Haze…

She is doing fine even though her growth pattern reminded me of a self topping mutation.

Resilient girls…


@bruinsfan33 I had plenty of holes on the bottom and I transplanted way to early in my opinion(was rushing i guess) but it worked out. I’ve been contemplating all day weither to transplant it into a 5 gal smart fabric pot or just leave it in the 3gal pot. Decided i would wait until she has a fully stable rootsystem in the 3 gal and ill transfer if needed.

@BIGE Thank you! It was used for my first grow and has just been modified every month or so. lol Hopefully it pays out with this grow. fingers crossed.

@FloridaSon LOL she looks good and green! it does look like she self topped lmao my male was attacked by Crowley as well but didnt damage it nearly as bad. Just gotta hope for the best. lol


I would make a light cardboard sheath to go around that 2 liter soda bottle. Roots don’t like light. If you cover it, you can take the cover off to check and see if it needs transplanting.

Caught my cat nibbling on my Gorilla glue clone the other day when the tent was open for watering. The little sneak! Your plant recovered well. Good luck with your grow.


April 7, 2018
Day 15

I removed 2 single point fan leafs from the very bottom of the plant. They were pretty much already dying from being murdered. lol its definitely getting taller and its new branches are coming in fantastic.
I added half a milliliter of Micro AN to a gallon of water and PHed it and have been gradually give it small doses along side regular PHed water.


Looking very healthy!

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@raustin should I be worried about the height of it?

You mean those tight nodes? Nah, she’ll stretch eventually. If not you can worry later. For now she looks good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@raustin Awesome sauce, how’s the choco curing out? Lol

The Chocoloupe is smelling soooooo good right now! Can’t wait to taste her.

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April 10, 2018
Day 18 From Soil

Just a quick update. Nothing has changed for my regimen but the plant definitely has got some new growth. My other 3(failed) grow attempts never had tight nodes like this one and it’s pretty cool.

My first question is, I havnt water it in about 48 or so hours. And the dirt is still relatively moist under the top couple of inches of soil. Just wondering if that’s okay? Or something is wrong?

Second question. I bought a 5gal fabric smart pot that i REALLY want to use, should I wait until it’s a lot bigger and then transfer it out of the 3gal or should I just got ahead and transfer over to the better pot. I check the bottom of the plastic pot for roots but nothing has came that far down yet I’m guessing. I’m just worried and paranoid I guess because this IS a bag seed BUT not a reggy bag seed. Lolol

Any info or suggestions would be wonderful. If you need more details, feel free to ask as I am off work today and probably gonna be lurking ILGM all day today :joy:

Anyway, here’s some Veggy Porn sense I can’t do nug porn yet lmao. OH and when I topped it, I think I FIMed it by accident which I’m 1000% okay with. I think I’ve got 4 new growths from the center. !


She looks healthy enough to transplant. I wouldn’t worry about the watering. She’s just not real thirsty yet. When she gets bigger, you’ll have plenty of watering to do!

Looking good…


@FloridaSon Hell yah! That’s what I love to hear. With that being said, when the wifey wakes up, I’ll get her to help me transplant :joy: she’s always interested in learning new things about growing. Shit I forgot to ask, what’s a good way to get rid of gnats? Every now and then I’ll find one or two which is why I’ve been slowing down watering because too damp of top soil can cause gnats I guess(what I read at least on a forum lol)