Crystals in your grow room?

Hi, I’m going to start an organic grow as soon as I have all equipment etc ready.
Has anyone grown with crystals in their pots/plants, if so what type and how well did it work?

“Each type of crystal is said to harbor a unique energy & have a different type of power. Find out how adding crystals can enhance your garden”


In all honesty, the crystals are just a junction for your energy.

Your personal relationship will be more impactful on your plants than you know.


Thanks AAA. Agree but I could always do with a bit of help. My big venture is getting closer and I am worried they won’t grow properly. :thinking:

So stop worrying. Your instinct and the help of this site will make it right.

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Ask questions all you want. You’re good.

Fur of a unicorn works better. I sprinkle that stuff on everything.


What cloud are they on :slight_smile:

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Really, I thought it was the horn that contained all the good stuff. :laughing:


I’ve tried both. Tastes like chicken.