Cross pollination if 2 strains are grown nearby

From a fellow grower: If I grow outside I have two hemp farms close one 1 mile away the other one less then a 1/4 mile. Is this be a problem if I grow outside this summer?

From a quick WEB search:
" Hemp and marijuana are both different types of a plant called cannabis . Yes, the pollen from a hemp plant will almost certainly pollinate a marijuana plant only 300 feet away. Cannabis is a wind- pollinated plant so the pollen is very light and will float on the lightest breeze. This is all assuming that both plants are outdoors, of course"


Very much an issue! We have had a strong cannabis cultivation history here and recently several farmers have threatened to plant hemp crops to jump on the hempcrete bandwagon. The community is not happy because our primary industry has been cannabis for the last 25 years! Hemp will most definitely cross pollinate with drug cannabis.


Might even be an issue indoors.


Yeah, lots of hemp farms popping up all over. It’s only a matter of time before it starts messing with private outdoor grows.


I’d offer to pull male plants from the hemp fields for a fair wage. The hemp farmers might accept.

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