Cronic widow harvest

My Chronic Widow grow is maturing really quick to the point of me being ascared to harvest. The plants themselves are lush, healthy, deep green color. In other words a great grow. I put them to 12 hours and they started flowering almost immediately which I found interesting. Six weeks in I harvested the one that was most mature. Six weeks!!! My main concern was if I was going to loose some weight if I harvested now. The hairs were nicely colored and the trichs were perfect. My people like less amber so I was afraid to let it go any longer as there was some definite ambering. Has anybody out there had this experience. It’s not a bad “problem” to have I suppose.


Yep, just had that happen with my plants. I had planned on eight weeks and was very surprised to have them ready at six weeks. Trust how the plant looks and use the supposed grow time as a suggestion.

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