Crazy phenom plant

Both NL autos planted at the same time (79 days ago) under the same conditions (organic potting soil, 24 hr light under 300w LED, etc…). The one one the right is going nuts: buds forming everywhere, drinks all the water dry every day.) I already topped it twice since it was growing so fast and I have space constraints. @Countryboyjvd1971, @Astrocreep. Anyone else experience this before? Advice appreciated.

I wouldn’t top it anymore you can stress autos topping to much and to late just a fyi
@Hogmaster is my goto fir auto advice so ill tag him in here


In my experience top them one time or fim them because they will hermi easy the go into flower so fast you can do way more damage then good what is your light cycle 79 days there normally done

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This is 70 days today


@Hogmaster I’ve done 24 hour light since the beginning. 79 days since they sprouted. My friend grew blueberry autos that took 5 months and got 7 feet. That’s why I topped. I guess everything is right, but weird that one is growing differently.

Update on NL. @Astrocreep

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@Countryboyjvd1971 @astrocreep Before and after

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