Cow Manure compost

Garden is 10+15 ft. I usually use chicken manure from a friend’s chicken coop to condition soil after removing old roots . This year I used cow manure compost and leaf compost , the Lemon Haze seem to be struggling the leaves are discolored and the pest started to munch I use Mighty Mint and Captain Jack for pcm . Any suggestions like adding more dirt .


You might think about doing a soil sample for PH and salt content. Cow manure would likely lower PH and if low enough could cause issues.

It would also be good to add something like peat to your soil to make it loose and airy.


Thanks , I ‘m familiar with Coco Coir , that ‘s a great idea , it’s raining now but tomorrow I have a mission .

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Worm Castings my friend. Also the above mentioned something for drainage. The cow manure will eventually compact

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Cow and horse manure can be contaminated by a persistent herbicide, goes right through their digestive tract targets broad leaf plants and can take YEARS to finally go innert. It’s sprayed on hay before harvest so all the weeds die and dry up before their moisture can spoil the hay drying.

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You are exactly right thank you for the info , as some strains are more sensitive to chemicals than others . This is my third grow season and the cow manure compost is the only thing I did different . I added Peat Moss and worm casting to my watering .


The magic will happen… :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:



Used Fresh Cow Manure Straight out of a Cow Pasture mixed with water in a 5 gallon bucket it works my plant’s liked it and leaves a nice organic mulch, One problem I had was it wasn’t treated, thistles started growing around my plant’s but I was Gurellia and it was readily available everywhere I stepped lol

Fine Now


Plant’s look Healthy and Happy and takeing off :rocket:

Have you heard about these persistent herbicides? They affect broad leaf plants take about 7-10 years to breakdown and are unchanged passing through animal digestive tracts. If your cow farmer feeds their cows hay it could be contaminated without them knowing. Hay farmers often spray this junk on their hay a couple weeks before they harvest the hay so that it will dry better.

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No I haven’t heard about that , around here my dad used to raise cow’s and bale hay , I used to doush my weed in a 5 gallon bucket with fresh cow shit and water, have a few weeds growing in it , I hated the stickers from the thistles but I was younger and didn’t have money to buy stuff or even know what I do now , I used Peter’s now Jack’s soluble fertilizer back then, Everything seems okay in the pasture Magical Mushrooms Still grow, but it’s local farmers mostly here

Local doesn’t matter if they use artificial fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide. Even some “organic” omri certified chemicals can cause you problems. If they fallow Big ags rules be concerned.

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That’s been many years ago when I used Cow Manure , They probably didn’t even use herbicides back then, I wouldn’t use it now unless it was heat treated and came from the store. but we used to put it in the garden and grow vegetables with it and my family lived long Healthy Lives, alot of farmers are useing chicken manure instead of liquid nitrogen to fertilize fields because of the price, But I’m not endorsing useing Fresh Cow manure

Ah! Good! I’m not sure exactly when these persistent herbicides were sold to the public but the more people know to look out for them the sooner chemical companies won’t make a profit selling them.

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Honestly I don’t think cow manure has a whole lot of nitrogen I just used it back then because it was free and I was using bag seeds from the weed I was buying, I much rather use Bat Guano and Fish Emulsion, and chicken manure probably beats them all , I use Jack’s Outdoor Cannabis food also, my plant’s are very Healthy useing these type foods, just cost money something I have now