Couple of questions ph balance

Hey guys I purchased some ph up and down. My question is on the ph up. It seems to take a lot more than the down. The ph down I can put a few drops in a gallon and it will take it down 3 points but for the same effect on up it requires like a half ml. Is this normal?

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Yes, crazy the difference too.

That’s strange, it’s the complete opposite for me. A few drops of ph up compared to a few teaspoons of ph down for me.


Yeah that’s normal. It takes mine about 1 drop to decrease .1 but ph up takes 1ml to raise it .1. Crappy part about that is it raises your ppms too.

What is your water source. What’s its PPM and PH?

What I ended up doing is mixing about 2 tsp in a water bottle with distilled water. The. I use a dropper. This seems to be working a lot better and it’s a lot more reliable now. Now I can take a gallon of distilled water I can add 15ml of sensi grow 7.5 ml of voodoo and .6 ml of ph up mix it together and it comes out right at 6.0

Distilled water