Controlling Reservoir temp

Hello everyone I just had a idea and I was wondering if anyone has tried it. I’m trying to get ideas for controlling temps in my rdwc before I start growing this cycle. Anyways the idea I had was to use a primo bottom fed water dispenser since it already has a water pump and stick it into my reservoir and plumb a line to the cold outlet that runs right back into my reservoir with cold water ? Anyone think this might work thanks for any help

Sounds like it could work just fine. You may need a timer to stop it from getting too cold, unless the dispenser you’re looking at has temp adjustment.

If you do it, post it for us to admire :metal:

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That’s what I’m thinking and I found one for 30 dollars so sure beats 400 for sure I’ll definitely post some pictures when I get it put together. I’ve got a temp switch on the way from Amazon with a probe I can stick in the water so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: