Contest will open the 1st of September

The inaugural Contest will start September 1st, 2016. No need for posts or any entries until then. Thanks.


How are you judging the buds? Is it just you doing the judging? I’m just wondering.

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everyone gets a vote :v:

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Hey Hillcrest21678

How have been buddy ? I hope eetytjing has been good with you. Its been whiile. Im glad to see. Yo back on


im good and you this is going to be fun :v:

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I hope its current grows with original pics and no old stuff. No photo shop no cheating and must use own pics?

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Lol of course dude! It should only be from pictures posted in grow journals in my opinion.


Bugger mine will be out by then

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Mine too. But it’s ok, we’ll get it October @iva :v:

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I’m ordering another 2 high intensity UVb bulbs right now

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I want to thank you all for not posting comments. LOL

Rules are set. Before anyone makes further comments concerning how this contest is run; They should read the rules! :wink:

The contest is set. Let the pictures flow…


@latewood I gotta? About the BOM contest. Or a statement I guess. But shouldnt the pictures need to be taken in normal light? No leds especially…just a thought

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Why? It is up to the member to post whatever pik they want. I don’t care if they feed to plant blue food coloring to change the color of the pistils…LOL