Confused by Flowering

Hello All,

I posted a few days ago about some n00b questions.and got some great responses. I promise not to inundate the forum every time I’m unsure of something, but I’ve run into something today I want to make sure I get right.

I have a few plants that are 6 weeks old in veg - currently getting 19 hours of light under CFLs. They are healthy, but undersized due to me doing some stupid things before I delved into this forum.

This morning I noticed one of the plants has entered what I think it “pre-flowering”, with the emergence of pistils on several levels of the plant. I’ve attached a couple photos where they are visible. The seeds are from the Beginners Mixpack from ILGM, which are feminized, but to my knowledge not autoflowering. Do you think the most likely reason one of them is flowering is that an auto got thrown in, or is it perhaps a result of other variables that have happened during the grow? Now that this one has started, should I force the other 3 plants into flower by switching the lights to 12/12? I was going to hold off a few more weeks, as I’m getting much better vegetative growth now that I’ve taken some good advice from the forum.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate the time

not a great photo, but you can see the white hairs…there are several of these at different spots up and down the plant.

you can see why I was hoping to hold off a bit longer before flowering.

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She’s just saying she’s ready to flower when you are.


Thanks all, I once again I should have done more research before posting. I appreciate the replies.

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They have you covered get all 3 in a similar way and then go to flower