Confused about advertisement

ILGM = wonderful!!! But…got an email ad for Banana Kush auto that listed THC @27%. Looked up product description and THC @21%. Huh?


Depends who did the testing. Same as each lady is unique, so is their levels. I am growing a BK now.



I was thinking the same thing when I saw that this morning. Ad says 27%, website says 21%.

Welcome @Budd88 !!

ILGM is great!

Looks like a typo on one or the other

Purchased ours, banana kush, was advertised as 27% now both sections read 21%. Late july i think.

Is it possible they have a new lot number and those are lower in thc content.

95% on reason to purchase was due to thc content.

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No ads for us, everthing in the store read 27% pertaing to BK. Write ups and seed descriptions. For both autos or photos same same.

They were emailed earlier today, said we should have response in 24 hrs.

Ya it said 27% when i bought mine now site says 21%. I noticed that the other day as well. I just wont buy ones i have alot of trouble with thats all.

Customer care basicslly reiterated our email to us on what we emailed to them.

We stated we are aware to achieve 27% thc. Under optimal conditions.

Claire, said we have lowered it to 21% , but under optimal conditions. 25% might be hit.

We purchased based on false advertisement. They offered nothing to fix this.
Bet this dont make the front page.

Sent Claire our 2nd email, she has already responded with 2nd customer response.

In short, ILGM will make it right, money back or other seeds to replace them.

Thus far, i rate that as top notch customer service and another reason ill protect that side of the house.

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