Confused about a edit

I posted a pic of a issue i’m having in my grow thread and a mod edited out my pic and posted a new pic that’s not my plant and didn’t say anything. So i’m rly confused since they didnt say anything with the edit? I’m guessing the pic that’s edited in is just a better pic of my issue but if that’s the case why not just tell me what it is :frowning:

also don’t know how to pm or id have just pmed them and asked

PM’ing is shut off for users because it was abused. Can you link the thread where it was edited and the post number? I’d like to look at it.

i just didint wait long enough he edited a few more times and then had a very imformative edit at the end…i just a idiot

No idiots here. Just people who haven’t learned everything yet, which is everyone :slight_smile:


@Matthew420 and @ MysterA

Your right Matt No idiots here. Just me. I was the one who messed the post and i’m glad he re-posted because what happend was like an idiot i lost where i was and couldn’t find my way back…lol
Like he said i posted info on his problem and screwed it up.
@ MysterA I’m sorry i screwed that up on you.



LOL, I thought maybe if I saw it I could better understand and try to help. But, as always you got this! :slight_smile: