Condensation concerns

I use a 2x2x5.5 size tent. I grow in dwc hydro using a 5 gallon bucket. During certain times of the day my plants transpiration collects on the inside of my tent as condensation. I have a dehumidifier and an ac window unit. I usually just wipe the condensation up with a paper towel. I just worry about bud rot. Is there anything i can do besides use paper towels?

Sounds like an air exchange issue causing temperature and humidity problems. Reminds me of the inside of a camping tent early in the morning. Warm moist air coming in contact with cooler tent walls causes condensation to occur. I think you need to increase air intake & exhaust to equalize inside and outside temps & humidity.


That’s what I was going to say haha.


I think both my fans are on their top speed. Could setting my dehumidifier lower help?

Do you have an open flap in the tent to allow dry fresh air to enter?


U need better ventilation