Concerned about new growth

A question from a fellow grower:

I just have a quick question, I bought 10 strawberry kush and 10 blueberry and they are now in the 3rd week of flower and man they look great they are really big which is no problem I spent a lot of time in veg training them and they are spread out really nice,I pruned about the bottom 3rd before I switched to 12/12 ,but man the centers came back with a vengeance and they are really thick all my main branches are budding really nice but I’m still concerned about all the new growth any advice on what I should do.

Anytime you prune you stress a plant since the stress is damage it responds by creating new growth to heal and replace damage. A good rule to keep in mind is that during flower plants will grow and expand by anywhere from 100-400% so relax unless that new growth is creating an immediate issue it is entirely normal. Much of it will die off as it is cut off from light the plant will re absorb nutrients from it and continue.