Companion plants in same pot?

Hey Marijuana grow lovers! I have a question regarding planting companion plants in the same pot as the weed plants. This is an outdoor grow with a mix of photos and autos. I have some basil seeds and as a preventative measure, I want to plant them in the same pots. I have a few pot sizes, some 30, 10 and 7 gallons. I’m using Happy Frog soil. Question, can I grow basil in the same pots? Thank you in advance!


Honestly 2 plants 1 pots not a good idea. The more dominant plant will take all the stuff from the other leaving 1 if not both in trouble. Even if a seed pops up as twins id get rid of the smaller of the 2 and keep the one only as ive had it happen and the plant fought itself for everything came out with minimal amoint of buds that were light and airy and not alot of. Had a great yaste and smell but barely any amount. 1 plant per pot and id suggest atleat 7 or 10 gallon for outside growing per plant so roots have room to grow and a bit of room for the roots not to get baked in the all day sunlight.

Follow on question…… or should I plant companion plants in separate pots surround the weed plants. So things like marigolds and other larger plants perhaps go into separate pots. But smaller companions like basil, alfalfa, dill etc, can they go into the same pots as the weed?
TY again.

Thank you for those suggestions. I heard low key companions such as clover is actually beneficial to the soil and its nutrients if planted together. So maybe there are some companions that compliment the weed in the same pot.


Oh yeah i thought u meant 2 plants per pot. Yeah clover and ground cover is good. My bad.

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Some guys like @AAA use companion plants that are beneficial to the soil and microbes and all that. Basil I’m not sure about in the same pot. I would put it in pots around your mj plants as I have heard it helps keep Insects away


I will try to offer some productive options. Yes,you can have both a companion plant in the pot,and also separate companion plants alongside in a different pot. I like what you said about marigold,etc. I have two 25gallon containers with the intention of growing plants to encourage beneficial insect breeding and maintenence. I also want to encourage a home for ladybugs. But that’s another topic…I would grow Basil in a separate container
I have 10,15,20,and 25 gallon net pots. Each has a companion plant growing currently. I read somewhere about not allowing said companion plants to not go into flowering,because of the dynamics that occur beneath the soil. Please follow up on that. I chop and leave on top of soil. I also use straw as a mulch ,combined with any growth that falls on top.

Ok,last fall I planted a cover crop mix in my containers. I wanted to create living soil ,deter unwanted weed growth,and have no till soil. I grew out a mixture I purchased from a local nursery.(Rye,Fava beans, clover,hairy vetch,field peas,and cayuse oats)
My point,some of the plants re-grew and I am keeping them on a minimalist side-chop the overgrowth and keep a few going for the sake of the food web for the roots.
I do not feed with liquid ferts-only a topsoil blend and the decomposition of the previous grow roots. I use worms and compost to create humic layers in containers for health of soil and nutrients.
As others have mentioned @Mark0427 I am scared of light airy buds, and if the synergy works-but we shall see.
I hope I answered something of your query.
Best of luck!

SL out.


What would be some suggestions for plants with short root structures that could be planted in the same pot as the weed?

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Thanks for the tag!

I use this blend. Nothing to aggressive in there. If anything gets to tall I’ll usually lay it on its side and pat down, then water over it.


Yeah only if you’re growing outdoors

Great suggestion! I’ll look into that stuff.

I went out and bought most of the seed separately and I could’ve gotten that. “Dang it”.

Basil increases terpenes. Another good one is mint, I love using chocolate mint plants because they give off taste and aroma but I don’t think mint does much but ward away pest. If you look up companion plants you can see benefits to marijuana companions.