Color selection

I have searched but not found what I am looking for. I want to know what variety from ILGM (fem) seeds I can grow for the best chance of Blue, Purple or Rainbow colored plants. I know there is no guarantee and cooler temps may help but if I just wanted to try for color what seed would you try.

I figure if I start with the best variety chance I have a shot at something. And if I get a nice color I can clone,clone ,clone. :grinning:

Would using reg seed give a better chance? Maybe a male has colored leafs and I pollinate a female that has nice color and then grow some of those and then some of those, by 3rd - 4th generation maybe get a nicely colored plant. It would be a nice side job to be entertained while letting the tent flower away.

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Blueberry and blue haze are nice ones

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Anything with a color in its name would be a good choice, but you may have to play with temp and possibly pH to get the colors you are looking for. like hydrangeas some colors are promoted with a slightly lower pH than optimum.


Purple Haze fem from ILGM


Purple Haze, GDP, Blue Dream, Gelato. Others can change too dependent on phenotype. Take a clone of all plants and keep it if the mom turns color for you in flower. If not, you can toss the clone if you’re only looking for colors :wink:


I think you can get purpling from most cannabis if you get the grow right. Although purple/blue in the name may make it easier.

Bruce banner #3 from ilgm.

Black widow from ilgm.

Both subjected to temps from 48f-68f the last 3 weeks. Ice was packed in the soil 5 days from harvest.

I haven’t even taken pics of the GDP yet.

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Thank’s for the replies. I have 2 Blue Dream going now in Kind Soil. When a little larger I plan on cloning all the plants. I will see if one colors more than another. Also have 1 Blackberry Kush. I may wait for a Purple haze sale and stock some seeds. For future tries.

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