Cold outside at night

It’s dropping down to 40F at night. Do I have to worry about my seedlings? They are maybe 2-inches high n 1-1 1/2 inch leaf span. Is there anything I can/should do?

Put a bag over them before night time. Allow it to gain some heat naturally from the sunlight. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

I had my power turned off during the hard Texas freeze for 70 hrs 9 mins and she developed some fox tails.

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Can you improvise a small greenhouse?

What are foxtails?

I wasn’t even sure if temps bc above 32f are something to worry about

I wouldn’t worry about mature plants, but seedlings are still a little fragile.

I have to worry about spring freezing and frost and have an inexpensive pop up greenhouse I use for a few weeks which is why I thought about suggesting it. It seems to help build heat and raise humidity during the day as well.

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@Odaharry The fotxtails is circled in the red.

The plant kept producing buds off of the main cola.

@Myfriendis410 Can you explain Foxtail please? This is the first time I have had any and its outside my wheel house. :+1::+1::+1:

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Is that a bad thing? Seems like u just got extra buds! :smiley:

Some flower structure, if you tease it apart, is almost all “foxtails”. In the normal use though; high intensity lights will contribute to the plant throwing foxtails. Sometimes not a bad thing and sometimes it is. Your plant is still covered in fresh calyxes so I’d let her go for a while longer.

Here’s an example of a classic foxtail:

Growers usually clip that off which will stop it’s progression.


Got any 1 gal. plastic milk or water bottles? cut them and place over the seedling, I’ve used this for
young tomato plants for years & it works great.

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