CO2 generator and heat

I use bottled CO2 for my garden, but would it be okay to use a CO2 generator without producing too much heat?

Are you talking about an actuall commercial Co2 generator? If so; No; This would make to much heat. some commercial greenhouse growers use these Co2 generators to creat heat, as well as Co2 for the plants.

Wouldn’t the addition of dry ice keep the temp down but I would imagine it could be quite expensive.

In IMO, CO2 generators are a wast of time and money!! I’ve found that most grow rooms do fine without them, As the air around us as all the co2 your plants will need…IMO

C02 is a great way to expand your yield. However; You need to be prepared to be on top of many elements of your grow room.

  1. Temps. You have to run higher temps with Co2.

  2. Which means you need to have control of your exhaust system.

  3. You must have a ppm meter capable of controlling the dosage. If your grow areas Co2 level gets above 1500 ppm you will fry your plants.

Hey, 'oldman,

 The science supporting CO 2 usage is unequivocal.   Utilizing it depends on whether you are growing to buy that new Ferrari, or for personal.   And, as 'wood notes above, we all have to decide if any additional technique is worth the trouble to us, individually.   One size fit's one, not all.
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