.Co2 for grow tents

What are the Co2 methods people use for grow tents.

Co2 tank, regulator , controller and hose

10lb tank, Titan regulator, apc8200 auto pilot, some air line with laser drilled holes from amazon

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If your ppfd average is less than 1000 umols per second, all you need is to ensure there is one complete air exchange per 2 minutes. That will be more co2 than your plants can use.


co2 setups not light but thanks for the info

Just stating for op that most home grows don’t have the equipment to justify supplementing co2. It’s a relevant comment for a new member.


Furthermore, most growers are getting a full air exchange more frequently than that for cooling, and if you are creating an air exchange that frequently then the CO2 you add will quickly disperse from the tent.

But if it makes you feel good you can use yeast and sugar to brew your own CO2 for pennies.


That’s great information @dbrn32 could you help them with a few other method of co2 usage you may have seen in your time here?

Set us I mean, or different ways to supplement

Remember to put your co2 dispensing units above plants, it falls

In addition to yeast, you can cultivate mushrooms or keep animals near a tent. But again, it’s unlikely that this will be cost effective if you’re only after CO2 enrichment.

I forgot to mention that CO2 enrichment isn’t good for human health. It literally makes us groggy and dumb(er) at the levels commercial operations enrich to (from what I hear they target 1,500ppm).

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My tent’s in the basement, close by a natural gas boiler. My thinking is that burning the gas produces CO2 as a byproduct. Am I correct in this thinking? They do appear to be growing quite well.

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Not real sure it seems logical though as long as there growing good then I wouldn’t change a thing .

Your boiler shouldn’t be releasing exhaust into the space. If you’re venting your tent, you’re getting the required amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, which moves through all homes passively and/or mechanically.

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Hi forum friends, I am new here. This question got my interest because I want to set up a 3x3 tent grow in my home. I am looking at the Sun System LEC 315 so I guess there would be enough light for the plant to use all the CO2 it can, so unless I have missed something (please tell me if I am) I could benefit from supplementing. I am thinking it needs a closed system but in a space that small needs a controlled exhaust to blow out hot air, right? However, I suspect the CO2 my wife and I with our dog and cat exhale there must be gas that I can use in my plants. Only the incoming will probably need a filter to keep out dander and other particles/pathogens. Can you suggest ways others have successfully tent grown with good results? I am getting a little over my head at this point.

Hi. Welcome!

I’d forget about supplementing CO2. If you calculate the volume of the tent, and ensure that there are sufficient air exchanges to keep the leaf surface temperature down to 80F with lights on, you’re going to have enough CO2 in the tent for the amount of light you’re providing. I wouldn’t buy burners, mushroom bags, bottle gas, or any of that. we’re over 400 ppm of atmospheric CO2 already, so even the freshest air is going to be sufficient.

Your suspicion is correct; it’s a challenge to cool a smaller size sealed box or tent. It isn’t impossible, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth IMO.

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anyone here ever seen pro co2 buckets?
Im thinking about investing in this product for my 4x4 grow tent.