Co2 Bucket, affordable & works!

Autopot winning again it seems, thoughts?


Available in 5L Buckets and 10L Buckets with an air pump included (a plug in segmental timer is optional)

The Mother Nature CO2 Generator can be used to help circulate CO2 around your grow room to help your plants with their overall development. The bucket has bacteria that produce methane and oxygen from the pump mixes with the methane to produce co2. There is limited bacteria in the bucket and can only produce so much each day. Produces a lot, to begin with then trickles to keep it around 800-900ppm for the day. A 10L bucket cover 2,4m2

Plants use CO2 as part of the process of photosynthesis; using light, CO2 and water to create energy for the plant. Ambient CO2 levels are usually 300-400ppm. As light intensity increases more CO2 can be utilised by the plant which will, in turn, allow the plant to use more of the available light and turn it into energy.

The mother nature CO2 generator is an all in one kit designed to increase the CO2 concentration in a sealed grow room environment, including green houses and grow tents.

Increase your concentration of CO2 to greater than double the PPM of the normal atmosphere simply, effectively and economically. The generator is designed to be plugged into a lighting timer/relay to only pump CO2 when your plants need it, during ‘lights on’. During the dark period the active CO2 producing bacteria come to life, re-energising the bucket.

Plants grown in a concentrated CO2 environment are proven to increase yield, thrive in higher temperatures and grow faster.

Includes an air Pump and airline tubing

  • Increases ppm from 400ppm to 800ppm
  • Lasts for 180 days
  • Activates at 22’c
  • Covers 2.4mtr2



This is the same principle as exhale bags. This larger version may work in some smaller grows, but ultimately don’t think it’s worth the cost.

I do feel this is a safer alternative to running tanks of CO2 because it won’t overwhelm a person standing in the same room.


I can see your concern, however I think if it’s just wood chips being degraded or something the cost could be reduced greatly.
Also running it on a timer would be good.
The exhale bags I only used once so hard to tell but they had to be hung up by the light.

These would work really good in veg when lights are turned down and thus fan kicks in alot less.


I think to maximize yield and productivity, it needs to work in flowering or it’s not worth the effort and cost.

Wood chips mixed with yeast and Bactria. That is what created the carbon dioxide.


#2 this system uses an air bubbler, meaning the air exhaust is being pushed out (on a timer its off during lights out), the Co2 rich air tube is attached to a circ fan that will push the Co2 rich air right at the plant on the low side and before the exhaust sucks it out it will be mostly absorbed.

Unlike the exhale bags which we had to hang near the top of the canopy for light to grow the mycelium, then expect the Co2 to fall down on the plant below (but really it just got sucked out the exhaust up top)

Also I agree I would use the largest size in a tent because it’s not a sealed system.

Wood chips and yeast are pretty cheap,can build. The bucket ourselves to.


So with some tube, sealant, an aquarium pump and an air stone, you can make bucket and just get a refill bag?


Or buy some bulk yeast…


Just active dry yeast? Lol I could make hooch and burp it in the closet :rofl: ya right. But do you just dump it in with wood chips, then any specific bacteria?


Sorry to bother on it, and I know I’ve asked about CO2, just really interesting


My point of view is that’s what it seems like. It’s fermenting until it runs out of sugar in the wood.


Well that’s easy enough lol


IIRC CO² is pushed during veg for 2 or 3 hours at a time. Not sure how it would work in flower. I’m not a big believer in fermentation type generators and can’t see much benefit unless the environment is tailored to use it. (sealed, heat rejection, high light levels etc)


High light levels seem to be easy enough to achieve these days same with ideal environments VPD etc.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, and It seems affordable enough to make at home.


I’ve got a 350r in a 3’x3.5’ closet lines with mylar. 6" fan/filter in adjacent closet sucking air out. Incoming is from the crack of the bottom of the door.


At the moment it’s stuffed, with 3 photos and an auto in full flower. The biggest, taking up half the closet, will be hanging by mid-late next week. The other are smaller and have anywhere from 3-5 weeks.


Ambient Co2 is above 400 and rising. Cannabis needs about 400ppm so the air has all we need. One of the reasons I do not encourage Co2 for a smallish home grow. The below is reasearch done by NASA.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere is currently at nearly 412 parts per million (ppm) and rising,million%20(ppm)%20and%20rising.


I haven’t even opened the paper but Bruce BUGBEE studies for NASA and he’s the lead researcher of cannabis, out of Utah state. He says Co2 works =/ and he’s studied it.
Geuss ide have to dig up a paper now… But this will do, very direct.


Leaks within 1 month :wink:. Thanks for tag nick

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