Co2 alternatives

Here’s another fun one for anyone interested in chiming in I’ve looked at mushroom kits for years ever since I moved from the coast where I picked them every year. Not simply talking about the Psylocibe’s but whatever suits you lmao like golden teachers kind of a party favor and good fun but also mushrooms have the added bonus of producing Co2 and kick ass compost for flowering tea. I grow oyster mushrooms on my window sill using super market grow kit and ponder the viablity of using them for Co2 boost to my grow they require o2 and produce lots of co2. Yet to determine good way to cycle air through grow room without risking drying my shroom box too much. Any thoughts?

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Here is a list of CO2 feeding methods:

CO2 Bag - ready not worth the money ($30.00 +)
TBN Naturals - best - keeps a small grow room with 1500 ppm’s CO2 ($45.00 aboout)
5 gallon bucket products - not the best
bottles co2 - the very best to use but expensive

If going to use make sure your grow spaceis ait-tight - also CO2 work during the light hours and room temp’s need to be 80 degrees and must be place above plants because CO is heavier than air, fans a must

Thanks for the sound advise now is when I throw you for a loop and say (Magic Mushrooms my friend) not simply looking for Co2 looking for a symbiotic and functional way to utilize a large mushroom grow box which has 2 key components which are good for growing cannabis Co2 and compost :slight_smile:
You gave me sound advise on alternative’s thanks again

Hi Donaldj,
I was unaware mushrooms great CO2. My main chamber has mirror imaged shelves 2’x3’x2’ tall on each side at eye level. I added T5 to the spaces but since the chamber is always in bloom it can’t be utilized as veg. space. Now I only use it for sexing plants.
I love mushrooms (magic back in the day) and perhaps I can grow some in this space. How much CO2 do they create? Can it replace the generator?

That is the interesting part in small spaces a mushroom kit uses and air pump which would lead me to suspect a substantial amount though at a less controlled rate they grow therefore produce more or less depending on size and quantity.In theory they seem a good companion they need oxygen and respire co2 they grow in sterile substrate so bugs are not an issue need humidity and a degree of warmth.

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I guess it would depend on the humidity requirement of the shrooms, what it will do to humidity in your grow space, pests and/or bacteria introduced into the grow area.

Here is a post from another forum, if you want the link let me know!

Hehe interesting ideer. I like it but…

Few problems unfortunately… Shrooms need a ridiculously high humidity to fruit which would = bud rot problems… I suppose you could probably still circulate the air and figure out a way to keep the mushrooms at a higher humidity… but it they would still increase your grow room humidity making mold a much higher probability. I would also be worried about the marijuana plants contaminating the mushrooms. I wouldn’t say that grow rooms are the most sterile of environments, which you need for fungi cultivation.

Also you’d have to seal your room in order to contain the co2, which means that it’l get hot real fast without either timed ducting or an air conditioner… Air conditioners remove humidity from the room possibly further causing you trouble for your mushrooms fruiting…

And I just don’t think that the mushrooms would give you enough constant co2 to give you much of a worthwhile benefit… They fruit in flushes, and pretty much get picked right away, with about a week interrum period between flushes. unless your mushroom cultivation operation was three times the size or larger than your marijuana cultivation operation I can’t see it producing a constant amount of co2… :smiley: If you do have a large enough mushroom farm to support that much co2 it seems like you wouldn’t want to intruduce a cannabis farm into the scene for fear of legal issues.

Bottom line is its probably easier and more efficient to go out and buy a co2 generator/tank regulator and controller system… :smiley: I would classify growing mushrooms as slightly more difficult than growing cannabis so unless you already have them growing its not exactly “convenient” to just throw a bunch of mushrooms into your growroom :doh:

… On that note… If you already have a closet full of mushrooms and only a little cabinet growroom perhaps you could receive some benefit by intaking air from the mushroom closet and pulling it into the marijuana cabinet :smiley: If you do, by all means, report back with the results :thumbs:

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Mushrooms need a very sterile grow medium you actually have to pressure cook their medium before adding the spores their humidity is on par with early flower 60-70% oddly you would have to worry more about your plants contaminating them then pests from them lmao. Though as stated would add only low amounts of co2 and would have to grow in box incorperated in intake to be viable but hey it’s a thought and any co2 added that pays for itself or turns a small profit is worth investigating :slight_smile: On the plus side in some places magic mushrooms are far more rare harder to find than weed and make for some very fun parties. And there are edibles for daily use too lmao. Honestly Co2 systems aren’t always a must and are costly so even adding some Co2 is of benefit.
Besides we needed some new topics besides ph issues and deficiencies to liven shit up :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the idea was fun to toss around the grey matter. Looks like the space will remain as humidity stabilizers (Shallow tubs of water and stone).

Just thought I would through it out there… I use Coleman camping lanterns for my co2 generators… Real Coleman’s… not the cheap one’s because they like to catch fire…


@peachfuzz can you tell me how to use the lantern for the co2 ?

Peachfuzz please keep in mind While a Colman gives off a bit of co2 …They give off a large amount off carbon monoxide . and are an Extreme fire Hazard to use in a grow room… Before doing that id try to increase fresh air into the GR . so that the plants have all they need naturally…

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@Hammer I completely understand… but at the same time you must understand I have done a lot of research on this and also have done a lot of research on the CO2 generators you can buy from the hydro stores that burn natural gas or burn propane… also the reason that they give off more carbon monoxide is the way that they burn …well believe it or not Coleman lanterns are very efficient in the way they burn and burn up almost 99% of their fuel as they are running… which in turn makes more carbon dioxide than it does carbon monoxide which is harmful to you… now I agree that they are extremely dangerous and that’s exactly why I said I only use actual Coleman brand lanterns… because I’ve walked into fires using the cheap ones …:frowning_with_open_mouth: I have never had any issues with the colemans …so please anybody willing to try this take very very very big time precautions… I actually have a fire extinguisher that will blow off in the room if something was to go wrong …they cost about $40 and you can find them online which would keep your risk at a minimum but you must also understand that that lantern needs to hang on at least a 2-foot chain if not 3 foot… granted I am not in a tent so my situation is a lot different from most people situation … I would not recommend this kind of thing in a tent… Please take caution in any thing you read or hear…


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You must understand it’s a great tool to have in the Arsenal … but a CO2 generator cost $600 and a Coleman lantern cost $40 …so that’s the way I think of it and that’s the way I learn to do things at the most reasonably priced and cheapest I can afford to accomplish my goals… I don’t tend to buy into everything I see… I try to build my own or create what I need…
Why spend money if I don’t have too…


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@peachfuzz , 2 Points one a co2 gen is designed to exhaust the CO’s and let the heavyer Co2 fall to the floor .then mix with fans . Next the colmen doesn’t and the fule it use’s produces a Very High Ratio of Carbon Monoxide .With no exhaust . . And Iam Concerned that the Advise Your giving can cause a Injury to Others . THE Subject is Now Closed … Hammer .

I understand @Hammer I do forget sometimes that most people don’t take a lot of precaution in certain things that they hear and I can agree with you you make an excellent point I’m not trying to put anybody In Harm’s Way like I said in the original post just throwing it out there but you are correct sometimes I think I need to take more caution in the words that I through out there because somebody may not take all the precautions they need to not harm their self or others… I will leave it at that … also I will take a little bit more consideration to the things I say… that’s why this community is so great all in all we’re looking out for each other …just trying to help people … In no way do I mean harm… but at some point you do realize you have to take responsibility for what you were doing and what you are trying to do because nobody can hold your hand through life…


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@peachfuzz , Cool beans . :sunglasses: a small example .i like bufo oil and dabs as called now :imp:.But We don’t disscuss on the forum ,The making or process . Just keeping All safe :wink:

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@gpitel I did not forget about you… but at the same time I believe @Hammer is right and also I think you are using a tent which would not be a good idea for what I suggested … like I said in previous post I’ve actually walked into things being on fire by using that method and would no way want to put You In Harm’s Way … or else I would be inclined to give you more info… now if you’re using a bigger area and you’re not secluded in a tent I would be willing to give more info… but at this point I don’t think it would benefit you in any way because you usually don’t need added CO2 to achieve your goals and I only say that out of respect and love and not wanting to cause you any harm in your future projects …

Even an old vet like me needs to take advice every now and then…
Thks @Hammer


gotcha :slight_smile: - I’ve been trying to get a visual on the co2 and the set up and necessity of co2 it just seemed interesting as i haven’t heard about that before the coleman thing-
so Don’t worry I promise not to go putting colman heaters in my indoor plastic tent ( or what ever that material is lol ) I probably would have listened and figured out pretty quickly that it may not be best for me but who knows… I might have thought HEY that is Genius! and ran to the sporting good store haha
and thanks for getting back to me! appreciate the info and the concern from all- for all- Peace xo

co2 is more for when you are growing in high temps sealed space not a nessissary thing yeast and sugar will do the trick but your ladies will grow fine without adding co2 I just have a affinity for mushrooms lol