CO² Setup for indoor 5x5 tent

Hey guys! I want to add CO² to my 5x5 tent. I want to use a CO² tank w/ regulator. Can anyone give me a complete list of the components I would need to get setup? Thanks!


That would be me (At least i think im qualified)

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CO2 Regulator (i just installed this one and it is working well)

A tank like this (a 15LB is probably what i would use for the size) but i suggest finding a place that does fills and swap outs and just getting a tank from them (works just like a propane tank even if you buy a nice shinny one they will just swap it unless you go to a place that fills) or craigslist a tank nearby

And a CO2 controller.
I have used this brand of controller and i Really like it.

Now then… are you sure you can use the CO2?

You need to be able to hit up between 7000 and 10000 lumin (thats a lot of light) per SF to get any real gain from CO2 and the nutes go up the Room Temp goes up and water usage goes up… its a whole thing

Tell him @fano_man 0_o



I believe I have the lumens. Running a HLG 650R at max power. Not worried about the refills. I’m sure I can refill anywhere they sell beer kegs (and they sell them everywhere here). If not I live next to Praxair and a welding shop. I work in the oil and gas industry so I know all about Air Liquide, etc and can get any compressed gas. I saw a setup on Amazon but I think I would still need a controller/monitor?

Also, I live in southeast Texas so hitting temp won’t be a problem lol.

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Yea this still need a monitor

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How’s that controller working for you though? Does it monitor as well? I don’t want to kill or die lol.

You are being really helpful right now and I appreciate that! I am totally flying blind!

Should I buy a separate monitor that displays the current PPM? Maybe I’m buying stuff I don’t need but I am also preparing for future upgrades/expansion lol

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I looked at the HLG650 R and it looks like you will have the light (From a quick glance)
I would love to know how the light does under CO2 because i would be switching to something similar next round.

The controller i have used the Brand as a temp controller and i love it… very reliable and not broken after tripping on it a few times.

my CO2 controller is a PPM3 from like 2008? lol i would recommend it but the owner retired and dropped the company if they are still being made by someone i couldn’t find them when i looked.

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We think alike

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A separate monitor as a back up to check the first?
The one up there does display current ppm

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Kind of…Like this…

The only Excuses i can come up with not to buy it are
It is redundant (But thats a good thing)
And $$$$$$

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These things are WAAAY better than i thought they would be

I even stuffed one in a bag with an oz and a Boveda pack


They were the same till i unzipped the door for a pic

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My setup

Yes, i am bragging lol 0_o

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You are really makin some thug moves!!! I have a whole room, but I’m using a tent in there for now lol. Once I expand maybe it’ll be for veg, clones, autos or idk.