Close to harvest advise timing

1x iron horse
2x Jesus og

My girls today as of this morning 1 had only like 3 or 4 amber trichomes in the view window but majority milky. And the 2 jog plants are clear to milky without amber trichomes in view window but I’m using a small 60x jewelers loupe so w8ndow is quite small.
Can’t get good clear pic thru the loupe but here they are right now.

I don’t want to pick early but I do want some small CBD content for a strong couch lock effect. Any advice? Was thinking of doing 48 hours dark starting tonight and then Sunday morning harvest. Thoughts?
Or should I wait till I get like 25 % in view window? All the mmj sites I’ve read tips from say THC content at highest when all milky with little amber trichomes and then other sites and forums I hear wait till there’s 50%.
Any advice? Both strains are indicas Jesus OG and iron horse. (Bag mmj seeds) so should have good genetics also both heavy indica’s and those effects are exactly what I’m looking for. Ideal effects Relaxed calm happy sleepy

Clarification and advice appreciated!


Also forgot to mention that I watered them the other day and also wanted to know when to cut them off from water? When to start the 48hrs of dark prior to harvest? I’m currently at the end of week 8 of flower and 14 weeks overall from the day the seed went into the paper towel.

I also think that I may have been looking at the trichomes on Suger leave not in middle of buds… the little intricacies in keeping her :blush: my grow diaries handle is 98greenlude for more detail if needed or wanted
Any and all advise welcomed!

Do you have a mag glass or jewelers loop? I harvest around 90/10 milky to clear and the 48 hour dark period is Bro science in my opinion :love_you_gesture:

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I think this is a great time myself. I much prefer the effect of this harvest time over waiting longer. Amnesia haze at this point is just the best. IMHO


They look good, and might be in the window. It’s important to also look at the trichomes in mid and lower bud sites, not just the tops. If you are looking for couch lock, then you will want more ambers, even at mid level. I personally like mostly cloudy for max THC for a high rather than the CBN couch lock effect.
I picked up one of these for $30 on amazon and it works great for checking the trichomes, even deeper into the buds.

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Good looking out stickyicky407. Gonna definitely take I closer look at the mid level bud sites. the anticipation is killing me.

I’m actually most excited about trying 2 different phenos of Jesus OG since they definitely have different smells. (As long as my understanding of how it propagates n seed genetics is correct)

Thanks guys for the input and knowledge shared.

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My g.d. page from this grow. My timing on the harvest seems to be right on and got a total of 2 oz dry weight before cure.

Thanks again guys for the help n info.

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