Clones Turning brown from inside out

Could this be a PH issue? Boron? I’m cloning from DWC

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What did you put in the water and what are the temps of the water… ?
Are you pumping air into the water…?

Tap water with no nutes, ave. room temp I believe, and yes I am pumping air 24/4 into the water. When I checked just a while ago the ph went up to 7.6 so I went down to about 6.4 gradually want to bring it down further didn’t want to shock clones.

What about rooting hormones or good bacteria… ?
Nothing… ?
What are water temps again … ?

I’ve used something called “Roota” by Baby Bio. Other than that tap water. And our room temp is 80 but that room where clones are can get to about 85

I’m sorry to jump on your post. I’m new and I not sure how to start a new post. I do have a major question. Can you clone after you to flowering? Even after it’s started?

They don’t look bad.

No Worries. You may need to spend time on the site by engaging with other posts and what not in order to unlock certain features.

As for your question, It’s very tough to do and probably not worth it as a new grower. You would need to revert plants to veg by light alterations and even that probably wont work on certain strains. So set up has to be on point for sure. But even with that nothing is a done deal.

That’s what I thought. I know once it starts you can’t turn back.

It can be done but it’s called monster cropping. It probably would be tough for a new grower but who knows.