Clones and lighting?

got a problem. firsf it took me 20 minutes to figure out where to write. shoes what your working with . so… i got some clones from a fre plant bank. right. ok i hand a plant in flower, not thinking, i put the clones in the tent with her.where i got them, they had there lights on a 24/7 schedule. i had mine on a 12/12 cycle. ok, i got these little darlins with the cutest little buds all over the place. my ? is nutrients. do i skip veg cycle, . do i go straight to bloom? i use the flora nutes so … i bet you never got this ? before.they are very healthy and i am curious as to how big the buds will i plan to just let them bells ring. .any criticism will be appriciated.


This is actually a common technique. Normally filling the grow space with clones that have just rooted, then flip to 12/12 and manage for one cola. Depending on size you could get an ounce from each. There are growers here that use a flood table and clone a mother plant: every 2 1/2 months harvest 36 oz from a 4 X 4…


So knowlegable! In a limited space it’s pretty cool.