Clone transplant to dwc, Root dot and nutrient deficiencies

3 weeks into transplant showing deficiencies currently using fox farm nutes with cal mag and root starter Also my grow room gives a funky smell, any tips?? Im thinking of expanding my grow to 6 plants i have a 8ft by 4 ft by 6.5 in height

Fox farms may be the problem was their gritty sediment when you flushed res?
Have heard issues with their micro nutes having worm castings as an ingredient actually being gritty and clotting up in leca and roots. As for the smell carbon filter best investment ever if you wish to stay discrete.

I had root rot problems in DWC my first time as well. What has kept my plants thriving is EWC TEA. Read Heisenburg’s first post at the following link to read more in depth. But you basically take an airstone and breed beneficial bacteria into the billions, and you will have pearly white roots growing from the damaged ones within days.
(damn link won’t copy just Google search heisenburg ewc tea, should be the 2nd link "how to breed benefial bacteria)

For nutrients I recommend advanced nutrients jungle juice pH perfect. They are actually pretty cheap (you can get all 3 on amazon for $40 but I only use micro & bloom). Tested best nutrients out of 6+ companies and keep your pH stable, which in my opinion is hugely valuable.

Yes Alot of Stuff at the bottom Also I had no intake of air and no outtake of air so im fixing that, no more smell I just got 50 pounds of carbon,
As far as the nutes I was told that I have the soil Grow big• and not the hydro one but the guy at the hydro store said it was perfectally fine, would you say Switch nutes?? Also its the 3rd week of transplant It was transplanted on 11/23/15 and switched it to 12/12 should i go back to vegging??

soil fertilizers will work but the reason they have hydro nutrients is they are formulated to work best with hydroponics. Anything made for the job will tend to be easier to use and the formula will work better saving you some unwanted frustration in the long run.

Thanks @Donaldj for the help,

would you say keep it 12/12 or toss it to 18/6??

She hasn’t started to flower yet so would be your call honestly, but if you start flowering with a healthy plant it pays off more in the end as it’s nutrient demands will go up during flower

bigger roots bigger fruits

Are these flowering signs??? White crystally hairs. Currently flushing the system, Looked under the Tray And one long root and 3 small ones peaking out, Should i continue with the nutes or Just the root starter?*

those could be Pre-flowers and as for the roots as I said far better if you can get good root system going before flipping 12/12. 3 weeks of veg is if you don’t count root starting since they realy start to feed once they are in the water. So yes roots in water means you could be feeding but start light doses and keep adding root starter to mix for another week when you start getting more roots increase the nute dose

Damn I really only Have one big root And those 2 trying to peak out I think im going to veg a lil more, i added 1/4 of nutes, If i wanted to veg should i empty the res and fill it up with No nutes and just the root starter To get the roots going??

when I start any clone seedling be it in soil or hydro I wait until I see robust and healthy visible roots in my starter cubes. This gives them best chance at success but it is coming along and yes 1/4 and root starter is the way to go when she starts telling you she’s ready for more you’ll know it and see it in both her roots and leaves.

The cube had good roots but when i had to squeeze it into the

small aerogarden it devoloped root rot I added starter And grew more roots so trying to save the new roots I switched to dwc ,thats where im at now, Looking at the long root turning brown makes me think I could possibly be having rot again I switched to 63° Water temp, maybe the previous root rot has infected my new roots??

are you still using fox farms? This is very similar to the issue I was meantioning relating to their soil line in hydro the root castings actually stick to the roots and and clog them up. Wish I remember where I seen the post about it his roots were exactly the same. You’ve flushed res and roots with h2o2? your basket may be a little deep too you don’t want your rockwool right in the water it will collect crap and potentially lead to root/stem rot

Yes big bloom and grow big but i flushed withed their bush doctor sledgehammer, switch to smaller Basket?

This may sound extreme but if you are comfortable with cloning you could cut the roots right off and start over with same clone using your aeroponic unit cut stem right above rockwool then prep just like cloning a little gel use a foam or neoprene cut out rather than rockwool. allow cut and gelled end to barely touch the water get some nice beefy roots started off the stem and gently transplant into leca and Dwc

Cloner for plants, four site dwc compact cloning machine - YouTube kinda liike this

If you are willing to wait it out it may recover and jump to life I only worry about lingering infection think of it like gangreen you have to cut it out where you know it’s healthy or it will come back to haunt you

Would that affect the preflower?? Like switch back to 18/6 untill i have a good amount of roots??

it will put it back into veg indeed but would buy you a second chance and likely take few weeks to get back to good health Think of it this way you can take everything you’ve learned sofar and avoid the mistakes :slight_smile:

I was invited to this post, but I’m not sure I’m following what is going on, even after reading through it numerous times.

I agree, you should never start flower unless you have a healthy plant to begin with.

Are these different plants? Or the same plant but removed from the hydroton and net pot and put in a rockwool plug in a clone/aerogarden?

Switched? What was the temp before?

Root rot again? I didn’t see signs of root rot in the first picture in the net pot with hydroton.

I don’t see any listing of the important parameters .

What is the temperature ranges in the reservoirs? What is the pH? The EC/TDS?

In fact, why don’t you fill out all relevant questions in the support ticket?