Clearing up old plants and preparing for 2nd grow

So I am trying to round out my first grow and line up my second to be better. I have five plants that are different sizes and at different grow points. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best luck with getting my seeds going, so I they started at different points. My next grow I have four plants that are within a few days of each other.

My yields have been small so I want to get a fresh startup and better monitor things.

Out of my five remaining plants. (ALL autos):

Tent 1: 1 SF2000 and 2 SF1000 Spider Farmer lights

  1. Sadie - Super Skunk has about a week or two left and then harvest. (Front left of first tent, sigh might only give me an ounce or maybe an ounce and a half :(. But something is better than nothing)
  2. Kush - OG Kush has at least a month, ILGM says 8 weeks to grow but I think this plant has been slower (back of the first tent)
    3: Jackie - Jack Herer -Just started flowering (front right of the first tent)

Tent 2 (New Tent): SF7000 Spider Farmer light. ( I love this light, was my Christmas gift to myself)
4: Jack - Jack Herer - Just started flowering (back of new tent)
5: Diesel - Sour Diesel - Just start flowering. (Front of new tent

The two tents are the same 60x48x80. The idea is to get the ones I listed above into a single tent allowing me to start a solid 2nd grow in my new tent.
So once I harvest Sadie that would give me four plants for 4x4 which should work. However with the plants all being at different points how can I handle the light distance differences. I was guessing to put Jack and Diesel under the S2000 since they are the same size and then put Kush and Jackie each under a S1000. My question is can these lights all be at different heights within the same tent or do I need a divider between them? I could put all he lights at the same height and put the plants on boxes. If you look at the picture of my newer tent you will see I have the divider up in that one and I could put that up in the first tent . The small area isn’t really for growing it is more for starting seedlings, but I could use it .

My goal is to get four plants under the S7000 all started at the same growth point or close. Having plants scattered like this makes it difficult, but I am still learning.

Thoughts / suggestions. I also just bought a 4x4 trellis and I think I should have started using that before my plants grew so high. I am about out of room to raise my lights in tent 1.

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I wouldn’t waste the good light on vegging plants. Get all of them into the room with the SF7000 and crank that sucker up to 100%. Adjust light height accordingly but for what it’s worth your lights appear far away from your plants.

Are you measuring DLI or ppfd?

Anyhow, the flower phase is where they need good light. No disrespect to the SF 1000s and 2000s but they’re not equipped to flower multiple plants.

You’re best off starting the new ones in the 4x4 with the mismatch lights. You can adjust height and light intensity as needed to keep your sprouts short and the node spacing tight. That will help prevent them from stretching beyond control.


I have been keeping the light 20 inches from the tops of the plants at all times. Is that to high?

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Also thank you. I am reading up on DLP and PPFD.


Depends on the lights, often times.

Once you read the first post in the thread @MidwestGuy shared, you will have a good handle on why that varies so much between light brands and models. :v:

Here to help- ask away as you need.

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Set the shorter ones on a bucket to get them closer to the light or at the same height as your taller ones