Chop or pull and hang

So I believe we ready. To start harvest question is I see everyone chopping down plants. My pops old head he may be said i should hang roots and all. What yall think. Just add to drying time or what

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I was planning to chop, it never occurred to me to keep the roots. Would that be certain to lead to mold or some other similar issue with no potential for added value?

Im not sure thats what im looking to find. out. You know how old timers be.
Sounds like he believes there is something in roots. That need to drain but it just dont work like that. I wouldn’t think :thinking:

I broke off one of my plants got to looking at it. Decided ok. Now not sure what way to go. She pretty for sure. Hate to mess a good thing up.

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Might be a touch early, but I’m no expert. Here’s the test I cut yesterday from the middle and plan to chop tomorrow. I quick dried and am super happy….


Nice. Dense? Or fluffy cant makenout scale. Reguardless. Looks great

Sheesh, I’ve never really had fresh like this…. It was in the middle. The upper colas are more like a freaking baseball, this was looser but still firm and very nice. I’m not used to the choice.

No roots when hanging chop it


Noted. Thats one no go. i feel the same. So thats two no. Just was curious if anyone heard or has attempted that could shine light
Thanks aussie_autos for input

So you smoking straight off the plant?
We dont have to dry and cure? Lemme find out hahaha :laughing:

It went a paper bag for 2 days and was at 14% so i figured lets do this thing… hahah

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Always chop the roots off. Lots of salt build up over time. And @Newb11 That flower still have plenty of time to finish.

My Purps #1 I was smoking straight off the plant on the 3rd day of drying. She was around 58% RH and wowza, she makes most Creepers seem tame. I have about 50% Amber on her.

You can actually smoke to much as she is a slow creeper and then the freight train hits you.


Thank you!!

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You can nuke it on high for 1 min in a microwave if she has enough trichomes to your liking. I take small popcorn buds off the bottom to do a taste test. The microwave decarbs it and you will know how the plant is coming along. :+1:


Thanks just concerened as all my leaves are just about gone. But still no amber. I had auto flower last time and those neve changed

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The cure has nothing to do with potency. Cure is all about aroma, taste and smoothness of the smoke.

Agree, a few weeks probably. It will bulk up and get denser still.

Not as bad as this one was. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I dry my plants and once there dry i keep some out to try and i put the rest in grove bags to cure for a month or two

Like what a big person says to a pig…Da-hammmm. Beautiful bud… bud :smile:. And yeah you right not that bad. This one doesnt have that stamnia hahha. Needs help to stay up

Growing indoors Is hell on the mental hahah. Thanks everyone

Planted indoors. End of feb. Seems like from what ive been reading that this plant is taking a really long time
Not sure why trichomes are back and forth. Cloudy one day clear the next. But never amber. I didn’t know they could revert back to clear. Or am i tripping. Should i be flushing. Now