Cheese Auto first time grow

Just wanted to brag. I love this group and I am doing really well for my first grow. Thank you everyone , should harvest in a week or two.


Looking good. Congats on your grow. Don’t rush it or you will be disappointed. I see a lot of white pistils still. I’m thinking more like 2 or 3 weeks.


You’ve got probably closer to a month. Good job. Only gets better with practice.


The swell on these calyx are REAL. The white bundles of pistils are foxtails.

Can you get trich shots of the swollen ones at the top of the photo. Also how long since light flip?


Dope !!! I will let it go!

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Foxtails, dope! Love your comment. Thank you so much. It’s autoflower so it started outside in a big greenhouse just for fun.

Seed was soaked May1st around 6pm and planted like two days after that


O in that case, 3-4 weeks maybe a minimal looking time line.

Autos using veg for 4-6 weeks then flip to flower when they are mature enough (typically 6 weeks from seed).

Then all marijuana flowers for 8-10 weeks (not counting the ‘transition to flower 10-14 days of stretch). So saying May 1 gives you a guesstimate of early August imo. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

And no problem at all! If you have any more questions feel free to tag me back over. Use the @ like @DecentralPower