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Hello all, first time grower well did try some Columbian in a closet in the 70s, not too well I may add. Have a few GG Autos just about to enter week 4 from sprout. I have good temp and humidity control so VPD pretty much always in sweet spot.
Grow is in a layer of Coast of Maine seed starter and Sohum living soil. I have added one small cal mag dose and an recharge so far other than Ph’d water. Planning on using Dr Earth Flower Girl for flowering. Is it too early yet to start, I have read some thoughts it will take a bit for the top dress to make its way, so they started beginning of week 4. Thoughts, this is the one area I am a bit gray on. Started LST last week, and bud sites are happy. Any other nutes in that stage I should think about. Thanks


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If the stretch has started, I would topdress.


So far no stretch, but the bud structure is looking good. Only regret is not off setting both plants. I originally thought, try one normal and one with LST, after planting I said why not both LST, and glad I did. But I guess when they start stretching, I can manipulate them a bit.


Looking good!


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Nearing end of week 4. I decided to give it some nutes, 20 percent dose of Gaia Green 444 and 20 percent dose of Gaia Green 284, some cal mag and recharge. Here is a pic of one of the 2 . First timer, but think the canopy is fairly even, and ready for a stretch. Learned alot just reading thourgh these forums and the discussion on DLI was very good. Gave me a baseline for my lighting schedule and not so much guess work now. Fan leaves are crowding a bit, so far just tucking, thoughts on defilation going into week 5.


Day 32 and filling out nicely. Did another 1/2 dose of Gaia Green 284. Started to thin out the middle just a bit. Doing LST so low does make it challenging a bit to water and top dress, but finding my ways around that. Daily fiddling around with these, trying to maintain an even canopy.

Have a few of these in a 3 x 3. I have a scrog type net that came with my ACI. I could overlay on my plants, is it time or even necessary?


End of week 5 and starting to go vertical now. Did another feeding with GG 284. Getting a nice smell in there now.

I do have a question about measuring runoff that I see so often. I measure my PHd water at 275 PPM. When I water til runoff, I measure 300 or so PPM. I get a pool of water in my plant holder and measure that from runoff. While researching, getting mixed up as to runoff for soil as opposed to coco or hydro. Runoff is kind of an unknown area to me and what that info is useful for. My PH from runoff is nearly identical to what I put in.


beautiful plants. very well done, much better so far than my first grow. keep up the good work. welcome to growing and this community. im new myself and work took me away from being on forum for a while but this has been a great community to me. ive foumd a great passion for growing myself and I hope you have the same experience.


This is a sign you are pouring too fast. The liquid is going in, running around the sides and out the bottom without running through the soil. Thats why the ph is the same as when it went in. Runoff should come from the bottom of the pot around center mass and not the sides or edges of the bottom.of the pot. I like to pour a few cups and then wait for a min to allow the liquid to dispurse into the soil before adding more.

This is a little bit shy of ph stability. Want like 350ppm on water only days. This will help the water adjust the soil instead of the soil adjusting the water. A pinch of epsom will help get you over the the mark. Make sure on water only days you ph high 6.3-6.5ph in coco or 6.8 in soil. Nutes drag down the ph so having it high to adjust on water days is helpful.

Soil sweetspot for ph is 6.5
Coco sweetspot for ph is 5.8
Hydro sweetspot is the same as coco. Coco is considered hydroponic growing.

Plants look great, dont change a ton about what your doing unless the plant health changes. If it aint broke, dont fix it.


Thank you so much. Ingesting so much info feel like overload, that is the one thing I was struggling with to understand.


Plants are now starting week 7. Lots of good things since last update. First top feeding done, so water for a bit and hit them once more.


I do have a question about trimming. My other plant is slightly smaller but healthy and budding up nicely. In the smaller plant I have more bud bearing branches just smaller by 4 inches or so. When you train a plant is there a set number of bud producing stalks that you try to end up with. Just wondering on next grow if it is better to kind of limit how many stalks you want. Thanks again for any help.

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No, not a set number. There are a great many techniques and ideas on the matter. Not really a wrong or “standard” answer. Especially with autoflowers. Training autos is kinda as you can in the direction of what you want to see :slight_smile:

Youtube lst for autoflowers or training autoflowers and you will find tons of input and methods.


7.5 weeks now. Buds beginning to get fatter. Gave what I think is last top dress, but will see what happens. Been practicing with my loupe looking at trichs. My 63 year old eyes may need some help from the wife.


dang she is filling out Nicceee. Super congrats. looks happy amd healthy. A very impressive first grow in my opinion. What kind of light you runnning and what do you feed her? im jealous and need to take some notes.


AC Infiniti s 33 ion board 240 watt, came with the 3 by 3 kit. Once it got to day 24 started to top dress with Gaia Green flower. Ran out of that and using Dr Earth Girl 284 top dress. Since I started top dress I have done a little over 2 full feeds. Dr Earth would be 4 tbsps for 5 gallon pot per month. I kept doing like 40 or 50 percent doses. I think I fed last time today. Kind of making it up as I go. I read and watched vids when I heard I would be able to grow for months in Md. But nothing prepares you for real life. Each day I open the tent and expect to see something bad, but so far so good. I do recharge every few weeks. Have done very low cal mags feeds a few times. Thanks for the kind words.


She looks great! It can take a lil getting used to organics but once you do, the taste and smell of organic cannabis cant be matched.

In your next run, consider adding recharge more often, like once a week. The higher the concentration of fungi and bacteria the more available nutrient for your plant to eat.


Coming up on 9 weeks since sprout. I started checking trichs for some practice, getting an in focus picture is not easy. Got a wand microscope that sends images to phone. My assessment , most hairs white and lots of mostly clear trichs. So have some time to go. I think ? Question about the sugar leaves, do any get trimmed? I did clip a few bigger ones.


Sample pics I am getting. Are they clear enough. Never thought the struggle would be this part, but eyes that hate the close range make it tough.