Check the trich’s of these WW Autos I’m chipping in 2 days

Hey everyone just recently decided it’s about that time to finally chop this first grow and decided to try out the 48 hours of darkness before chopping. Monday would mark 2 weeks since I flushed all 6 of these. I have a grow journal I will add a link below.

Being a newbie I was curious what you more experienced folks out there think I took these microscope pics when I started the darkness period about 12 hours ago. You guys think they look more than good to go? Also I bought one of those big fabric hanging things to dry and was gonna see what you guys opinions are on when and/or how much to trim for before drying and/or curing.

Btw seeds popped from soil on 8-2-2021 so that would mean I would be chopping on about right at day 90 and one day before the 2 week mark on the flush I did on them.


Journal link

I see a lot of cloudy and a bit of amber. If that is what you are shooting for, then you are good to go.

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Thanks and from what I read that shouldn’t have as much couch lock with less amber…fine with me I feel like half are farther ahead and have a bit more amber for sure. But with no experience I just kept telling myself keep on waiting keep on waiting and I think it has paid off. Thanks for always giving feedback!

Are those pics of flower or sugar leaves? You should be measuring trichs on flower.

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Yes all this pics I took with one of those microscopes that connects to WiFi off of my phone I put directly onto bud sites cuz I have read so many places do not read the leaves they progress faster. I have gotten a tad bit more confident with using that microscope because at first I was always tripping thinking am I looking at the leaves or what lol. But I even trimmed one of the plants in just one little spot that had less defoliation to take the pic so I could try to ensure all those pics have atleast a good amount of the picture showing the bud sites. Definitely might have a few leaf parts in these pics too tho but like I said should have a shot of bud sites regardless.

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Looking Good . There real close .
Take a look at this , can down load & be able to zoom in for a better comparison .

Do you have a pick of the whole plant?