Cheap garbage or will do the job?

What do you guys think of these?
They are really cheap and you get a set of 5.
The plan is to buy 2 sets, one each for veg and flower. I would like to grow 4 plants under each set.
Am I wasting my money on these cheap lights?

Many thanks.

I wouldn’t recommend those. They are only 5 watts so with 5 thats only 25 watts. You would be better off getting a photography cfl bulb around 85 watts. You can get them for around $10. Or get an led grow light from amazon for under $70. Light is very important and you don’t want to go cheap in that area. 4 plants is too much unless you have a high end light.


Many thanks, I will not waste money on them then. :+1:t2:


Flourecnt does not have any penetration power. What is your space size and how much do you want to spend. There are a lot of lights and DIY strip/board builds that are very efficient and not that expensive.


Space is not an issue, I just need enough to veg 4 plants and flower 4 so I was thinking 4’ x 4’ each section.
I would like to spend as little as possible lol. Not a commercial grow just need some decent medicine.

So you are talking an 4 x 8. That’s a big space for a starter grow. To light a 4x4 you’re looking at $4-500 with either a strip or board DIY setup. If you are handy the strips are the most economical, but HLG boards are awesome. Just depends on how you want to go and how much effort you want to put in.


So would you say that space is to big for my needs?
I am reasonably handy, usual scenario is charge in, swear alot, calm down and figure it out lol.
More than happy to put in a bit of effort, it keeps the mind active and the sense of achievement you get from it is awesome.
I will look into HLG boards, thanks WickedAle. :fist_left:t2:

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I grow in a 4x4 and could easily pull 4-6 lb/s per year. With the QB288 boards:

  • 4 x QB288V2 (3000K) w/ heatsink @$89 each (HLG)
  • 2 x HLG240H-C2100A @$57.50 each (Jameco) (also get wire, connectors and power cord from Jameco. I used an old computer power cord.
  • L bracket, bolts, screws ( HD, Lowe’s, Ace)
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Sorry if I am being dumb but did the boards not come with a driver? All the ones I am looking at appear to.
What would you think about 2 x HLG 65 v2 4000k in each compartment?

I am shocked as I can actually obtain these from a couple of online stores and the price seems really reasonable. :grin:

4000K is not the right light for flower. 3000 or 3500K is proper. Why go with 65 LED’s when you can get much more with a DIY build. You need 250-350 LED’s per 2x2 for a good yielding high quality grow.


Yes, you are right of course. Just reading up and your set up is vastly superior and for only a few more bucks. Definitely the way to go.
Thanks ever so much for your advice WickedAle, you have been really helpful and you even recommended stuff I can actually get! Lol
Top man.


Glad to help.

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Sorry to be a pest but just want to be sure. This is your set up isn’t it? Comes as a complete set as you can see.
I also noticed it comes in 3000k, 3500k and 4000k so would it be better to get a 3000k for flowering and a 4000k for veg?

If those are genuine boards that’s a good deal. If they are knock offs the LED’s may not be to the same efficiency specification.


Yea, there is something seriously wrong with that price. It’s too low…meaning you may not get the “real” thing… or you may not get “any” thing.

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It is from a Chinese wholesale site called Alibaba. They are very big deal out here in Asia. The actual supplier is also highly rated with a huge amount of customer feedback.
Alibaba provide customer protection also. I have only ever experienced one issue when buying from them. They refunded my money almost instantly and I didn’t even have to return the product lol.
I will get a little discount if I buy 4 as well lol.

What was the verdict on the 3000k version for flowering and the 4000k for veg?

That will work.

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You might consider 2x 3500K lights. Then you would have options for using either of them for veg or for flower. Gives you expansion options you might not have with one of each.