Change from FF Trio To?

I currently use Fox Farm Trio of Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom.
I am looking to move away from Grow Big and Tiger Bloom products to a line of nutrients that is more soil friendly and not synthetic. I supplement the trio with CalMag, Silica Boost, Fulvic/Humic acid, molasses during flower, and dissolved Bone Meal (to the extent it dissolves).
I use what I believe is a solid soil mix I put together. This is the recipe

To this mix I want to by adding Mycos or similar.
I am thinking of switching to Bloom City nutrients. It says it “uses as many ingredients as possible from certified organic plant and aquatic sources”.
The other is General Organics Bio Thrive Grow and Bloom.
I like these two lines because, both are straight forward 2 part base for veg and bloom and are organic.
Now I need your help. Any users with pros, cons, tried and changed, love it, expensive - whatever???
Any recommendation of comparable alternatives. Dry or bottled, I’m just not looking to be mixing 10 components or brewing a bunch of teas.

Check into jacks 321. Seems everyone here that uses it loves it for how well it works and for its simplicity and for its price point. . I’ll be trying that next.

@Not2SureYet has a couple of jars of it waiting for me to try and think I’ll make the switch. But it’s not ‘organic’.

I would suggest that you are kinda sitting on the fence: neither ‘live soil’ grow nor ‘organic’. If it were me I would look for fertilizers instead, like worm castings, fruit bat guano etc. There are a few living soil growers here too: just search for them.

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Ah, yes. Missed the organic part

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On the other end I was thinking of just using Peters Peat Lite Special Fertilizer, 20-10-20 st $42 for #25 bag. Even less complicated than Jack’s.

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