Cfl lighting question

Isn’t there a cfl that is better for flowering like 2700k I’m thinking is what I heard is best for this state does anyoNE know

I have read that it is better than 5000k but have no personal experience with it

Yeah but it’s :poop: crap :poop: I can’t say it enough don’t flower with cfl trust me :poop: is all you get

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Even as just Xtra light I’ve got led in there

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Maybe as extra or to use as regular light for pics but trust me I did this already and wasted a whole grow and a good plant. You want strong light in flower are you get airy fluffy buds

Yes I’m just looking for extra light don’t need a lot won’t hurt because if I don’t put them I’m not going to do anything else this grow

My next light is going to be 400 mh hps with dimm able ballast I want to run 2 led and 250 of mh hps together and see 2 things how well it works and the elect ric consumption

Yes a little side light is ok but If it were me I’d use it for seeds and clones in another tent. It makes a good reason to start a small veg or propagation tent. You already have the biggest expense. Just a thought.

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Illegal state have to keep an eye on that elect usuage

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@Wishingilivedina420state I do have a starter box and flower box led in flower and cfl in starter box just was curious if I mixed the lights if it would help or hinder


I get ya , I think it wouldn’t hurt. Any extra has to help , I thought that was all you were useing.

Right on I appreciate your input