CBD vs THC Does ILGM sell a HIGH THC/ HIGH CBD strain? If so, I can't find it

I only have 3 more seeds to try and grow out, no link allowed but this pic might be ok

I am currently growing a cultivar being developed by a private breeder with numbers in the 10-20 cbd-thc range at peak harvest. We will see how I can do.

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Most seed variety i see being sold are pushed one way or the other.

I hear Blueberry feminized has a decent balance.
Strawberry Cough and Harlequins as well.

There is also the option of blending 2 strains.
I have chiquita cake that i mix with variety of cbd flower. Works great. Like mixing yourself a cocktail .

My next grow will feature Blueberry CBD strain and Tropicana Cookies. I get to decide on the ratio i want on the day.

That sounds like an exciting plan! Investing in quality seeds is crucial for a successful grow, and it seems like you’ve done your research. Opting for photoperiod seeds gives you more control over the flowering stage, allowing you to manipulate the light cycle for optimal growth and yield. With a yield potential of around 750g per plant, you’re set for a bountiful harvest. Just make sure to provide the right environment, nutrients, and care throughout the growth cycle to maximize your plants’ potential. If you have any specific questions or concerns as you prepare for your grow, feel free to ask—I’m here to help!

Let me know how you like that one please.

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She ended up herming on me towards the end of flower. Little tiny white seeds galore so I gave most of it to a buddy and he made edibles out of it that turned out decent. Sorry I haven’t tried regrowing that strain yet so I can’t really give a good review of how she smokes.

Cool. Thx. I’m a big fan of cbd w thc. Found anything worth growing auto-wise? I appreciate it @BWoods

Regarding ILGM and its strains, they tend to focus more on high-THC strains. If you’re looking for a hung thc/cbd blend, check out other seed banks like ilovegrowingmarijuana