CBD vs THC Does ILGM sell a HIGH THC/ HIGH CBD strain? If so, I can't find it

I only have 3 more seeds to try and grow out, no link allowed but this pic might be ok

I am currently growing a cultivar being developed by a private breeder with numbers in the 10-20 cbd-thc range at peak harvest. We will see how I can do.

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Most seed variety i see being sold are pushed one way or the other.

I hear Blueberry feminized has a decent balance.
Strawberry Cough and Harlequins as well.

There is also the option of blending 2 strains.
I have chiquita cake that i mix with variety of cbd flower. Works great. Like mixing yourself a cocktail .

My next grow will feature Blueberry CBD strain and Tropicana Cookies. I get to decide on the ratio i want on the day.