Cbd sleep strains

Looking for something to try/ maybe grow if it’s good to take a puff after a long hard day at work.
I work on the road always and spend alot of time lately in hotels so sometimes people are making all sorts of noise and I just want to come back, smoke shower and crash but my brain doesn’t let me do that sometimes

Northern Lights and Grand Daddy Purple are the two that I hear about most. I am growing N.L. now and am in the finishing stages now. I read an article today about using pot for sleep and it said that it interferes with your REM sleep, that is the best part of the sleep that relaxes you most. I am going to research it more and see if I can find any other articles. Not sure if it is true or not but am going to find more info before judging.

Good luck on your grows and stay safe. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


I’ve heard that too but a nice heavy indica makes me sleep like a baby

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California dream

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