Cannabis Insanity In Australia

Listen to our Police rave on how dangerous cannabis is.


Damn, that’s a shame…. I’ve never been been down under, but didn’t know about the Aussie mob…. Seems they know how to grow…. Betcha 3/4 of those cops smoke….

I don’t what the law is, but that does seem fairly brazen though if it’s just straight illegal. I’m not sure I’d put a million dollar grow in a vacant municipal type building right in the city and steal the juice to run it to boot…. Wtf you think is gonna happen….


Some area’s of the US are still this way also :confused:
If these places would legalize it, it would put crime syndicates out if business.

As long as its illegal, there will be somr very bad people doing it for money.


What a shame, they were some healthy plants!

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Shame. Beautiful forest. Bet the smell was great.