Can’t tell nute or light burn

So this is my first attempt. I have a green crack clone that’s in a 7gal’s in a 4x4 tent with two spider farm sf-2000”s led arrays. I have a 12 in oscillating fan and a 200 Cfm ventilation. The temp range is 83 in day to 75 at night. I can’t tell if this is nute burn or light burn can anyone point me in the right direction. All help is welcomed

It looks like leaf rub caused by your fan. How much does the plant move when the fan hits it?

That actually looks more like a ph fluctuation or possibly mag deficiency to me.

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Ii don’t thinks it too bad. It rustles them around. But I’m not sure how much is too much?

I was think that could be it as well. I have some cal/mag coming tomorrow.

It doesn’t seem to be bad or on all the leaves. I didn’t consider wind burn but it’s a possibility since it’s not on all or at least more leaves

It seems to more on top. So that would make sense. I’ll try to adjust the fan a little. This all popped up when I went to a 12-12. I had been giving it to much n. It was super dark green a couple weeks ago. I just started giving it nutes at 1/2 strength again this week

Flower nutes hopefully because if you had to much n in veg you will again in flower. Just keep an eye on it I wouldn’t go to far with the fan the other way because airflow is important, I would rather a couple leaves rub than wpm (mold) I’m sure you agree lol. Hope that was it, if not we’ll try again someone will get it

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