Can someone take a look at these pics and tell me if any of them are hermi?

Week 8 flower and this is my second grow I think I am screwed ! If you see a pic that looks hermi please tell me what number pic it is, thank you,
I hope they all arnt hermi there I five plants😤20181110_161810|242x500

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I’m not seeing balls or nanners. I’m seeing lots of hairy calyxes…which are female flowers.

What are you looking at? If it hermies you will be having these bananna looking things start to come out of the flowers. I dont see anything that says hermie to me

:call_me_hand::hugs: Thank you!! This is only 2nd grow and I was nervous because my temps have not been ideal 8n my grow shed, temps go up to 90°at night sometimes when the lights are on and in the day when off as low as 40°:unamused:, I did get a little heater but I was worried it was to late lol, week 8 of flower now so almost done lol

I dont know what I was looking at lol, I think I just got in my own head lol

I am gonna delete this post now so I dont embarrass myself anymore😱 hahahahaha thanks for responding I appreciate it


No need to be embarrassed. We are here to answer questions. Better to ask then to find your buds chock full of seeds up your whole plant.

I didn’t know anything when I first started and learned a ton from the good folks on this site.


Yeah thanks

Watch out for foxtailing, though, with those temps. Those newer looking calyxes with those pristine pistils could be warning you to get those temps down.

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Ok, I will turn my AC back on, my electric bill was 540 last month :tired_face:, I am running 2 400 watt hps lamps with a 740 actual watt led in the middle, plus the electric heater, I have been trying to not use the ac, but If the outside temp is over 50° outside at night I need the ac

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If I open the window all the way I am good but the problem with that is that in the morning when I am gone at work the lights go off and the outside temp has been o the 40s so the little heater wont do anything if the window is wide open lol, I am gonna fix everything once this grow is over

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What kind of ventilation system do you have? Do you have the ability to flow air through the lamps and exhaust it outside? I have a dual 400W and it cooks.

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Right now I just have a carbon filter hooked up to the 4" fan that goes with it going outside and basically I just open that window up when it’s to warm and close it more if it’s to cold lol,
Like when i just went into take this picture the temp was 60° so I closed the window more , I only have a few more weeks left on this grow and then I am going to fix the ventilation15418924025146456409519992655421|690x335


Plants look killer keep us all informed, Your question teaches us all. :mage:


dont delete! this is a valuable post for everyone


Because I am only using half of my shed that is 12’×6’ I build these walls and screwed them onto home depot buckets so I can easily move them around when I water or trim or whatever, I am gonna redo the walls so I trap the light better once I pipe in a inline ventilation system, thos is all happening on the fly as I am learning things lol, this is only my second grow

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I grew four Big Bud Autos for my first grow, I ended up getting around a half once from each auto, I think you can see more pics from that grow if you look at my profile here but I only had the LED light for that grow and now I have the LED plus two 400 HPS😁 and that little T5 for extra light lol


Sweet baby forest there!

A couple of things stick out: first: plants don’t take up light from the bottom side of the leaves. The fluorescent fixture is just adding heat to your space and raising your electric bill.

Cool tubes on your HPS fixtures would remove much of the waste heat without doing anything else.

I don’t see any signs of an hermaphrodite either.

You should start looking at your humidity and start finding ways to get it down in the 30% range to help prevent bud rot and to promote good trichome production.

You got good advice from some good growers.