Can someone help me? Please

Hi. Im a first time grower with plants flowering in week 10 starting today. I dont know the plants flower syklus but i think its a indica hybrid. Im growing in coco with canna nutrients. I started to flush in the 8 week. Now it is week 10 and im only giving them water. When should i cut them down or should i just wait for the big day?

They are on week 2 with only water.

Can someone help?

Thank you

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Welcome to the community! If you can get a magnifying tool (jewelers loupe or wifi microscope) check the trichomes(crystals) on the buds…


Thank you😊yes i have a bad one. Small handheld. I think mine are 80 % milky. My worries are that they wont survive much longer because of coco have no nutes in it. Do you think they will manage for 1-2 weeks with just water. Im panicking😊had this project since october.

You could give water with molasses mixed in .that way they can use the molasses to put more trichomes on ur plant it will feed them alittle of nutrients but it wont affect the end result u wont get any funny tastes from the molasses if anything you may end up with slightly bigger buds by the copping day

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Feeding only water is a choice. Science proves no noticable difference in chemicals in flower either way.


Ok thanks guys👍

welcome to the community

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Hello and thank you:)

tir. 15. mar. 2022, 15:48 skrev BudzMS via I Love Growing Marijuana Forum <>:

How about a picture of the whole plant and one representative cola, in white light? Can’t tell anything without pictures.

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Its my first grow.

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It definitely needs more time, but not sure if it will come back if nutrients are given. You can try a shot and see if there is any improvement, if not I would
flush again and harvest after a couple waterings. Also pluck the dead leaves off.

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Yeah, buds definitely need more time to fully Ripen and mature.


As long as those flowers are healthy and vibrant they will mature. Nice purples. Just my thoughts. Ridem all the way. Lots and lots of white. Weeks i think.

Ok. I think im gonna get em some nutes and see what happens. Thanks​:pray::blush:

It bounced back🙂now they are hanging to dry in 21 -22 C and humidity around 50.
Thanks for the advice