Can i use white vinegar

Can i use white vinegar to pH my water in my DWC? Are there benefits to this verses down pH solution?


You can use vinegar. But pH down that you buy is typically made of Phosphoric acid which is a plant nutrient and thus feeds the plant as well as adjusts the pH of your solution. It lasts a long long time and is not really expensive.

Whereas vinegar is acetic acid…Read this about acetic acid and plants…
Acetic acid works by causing plant desiccation, which means that it causes plants to “dry out” . It does this by breaking down plant cell walls and plant fluids then “leak” out. Shortly after an appli- cation of acetic acid susceptible weeds become discolored and turn brown.

Basically acetic acid is a weed killer.


I’d use pH down instead of vinegar. I use vinegar or citric acid in a pinch, but your pH is much more likely to drift as the vinegar breaks down.



You can get by with the vinegar until you can get to a grow store an Purchase some PH up an down much better choice also cheap. :v::+1:


Thanks for the info. Juss what I needed :100:


@RustyBuds Definitely get PH down

I’ve never had a problem using white vinegar with any of my grows…