Can anyone tell me if I have an issue or not?

This is my first time growing… the plants seemed to be fine about 2 or 3 days ago now they all seem to be turning dingy brown on the pistils and leaves and also giving off a not so pleasant smell… any help is GREATLY appreciated, I’m getting super worried !!!

4 plants in a 3x3 tent with a MarsHydro TSW 2000
2x Gelato, 1x Wedding Cake and 1x Zkittlez all autoflower on day 48
TSW 2000 is at full power hanging around 20-24 inches from the canopy on an 18/6 schedule
Plants are in 3 gallon fabric pots and get about half a gallon of water every other day (I use the pickup method to see when they are dry)
Temperature = Usually around 70-75 / Humidity = 40% -60%
I’m using Botainicare Nutrients as follows and pH the water between 6-6.5… I feed nutes once then the next 2 waterings are just pH water then nutes again
Bloom for soil = 5ml per gal
CalMag = 2ml per gal
Rezin = 2ml per gal
*I stopped all nutrients and having been giving only pH water since I noticed the problems (about 2-3 days ago)
I have a 4 inch AcInfinity exhaust fan with a carbon filter and I usually leave the tent door open with a fan blowing in

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What do you have for air movement and how high has your humidity been? Looks real bad.

Is that 60% inside tent or in lung?

Hi, welcome got a few more ?. How old from sprout, what is your ppm, and ph # of Nutes going in and out. What’s your soil ? Have you flushed yet ?

I have a standing fan on the lowest setting about 10-12 feet from the tent door and humidity is around 50-40%. I did just have a storm come through and it was around 65-70% for a day or so

Day 48 from sprout, never checked ppm… I don’t own a meter, pH going in I try for 6-6.5 and I have never checked pH coming out. Soil is Fox Farm Happy Frog and I have not flushed any of them.

Are you feeding them anything? If so, what?

Never mind. I see it in the original post. Not familiar with that.

I’m feeding Botainicare Nutrients
Bloom for soil = 5 ml per gal
Calmag = 2 ml per gal

Not every watering either… I have been feeding nutes, water, nutes, water but since seeing the burnt tips and yellowing just pH water 6-6.5

I don’t know anything about Botainicare Nutrients, or autos, but I wish you lots of luck!

This may not help you freind but I don’t think it will hurt at all…

But given your limited ability to test ppm there isn’t alot to do …
However it’s nit hopeless.

You definitely got some nutrient burn and you did good by stopping the nutes when you noticed it…

  1. Flush as we will assume from the burnt tips you they are locked out meaning while lots of nutrients are in the soil they can not take them up… to flush I take mine to the bath tub and flush with ph neutral distilled water but your spring water will work if its all you got. To flush you need to pour 3x the volume of water though it as there is dirt. 3gal pot would get 9gal of water, 5gal pot would get 15gal of water…

Let them dry out good and water with just some cal-mag once they have dried out days later or However long it takes…

Also if you could raise your temperature just a little 75f-82f. 77f being perfect and RH at 50% or 40% for a day or two while they dry…

If you could get a ppm meter like tomorrow or next day that would really help to narrow it down. But a flush and basically start over with slowly introducing nutes is all I know to suggest my freind…

If ya can’t get a meter just try what I suggest and cross your fingers :grin:

I’m leaning twords improper drainage/air for roots. But could be wrong. Odd for all the pistils to change uniformly unless there is a moisture issue that leads to breeding colonies you do not want. Or someone hermied/got knocked up.

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So disregard my advise for now freind…

If what @Budz says is true then a flush could potentially make it worse if you roots are in bad shape…

When you water, do you have good drainage?
A good bit of water running out the bottom?

Shouldn’t be an issue. What’s the side of your pots look like? But. I hate fabric pots. Personally. I’ve never not gotten some kind of unwanted breeding colony when using them. I even had to transplant out of them after flip once . After a full str 3% wipe down and a 1/2 c to gallon flush with h202. What a pain. One finished stupid fast. Other still finishing. My BD’s. Started in fabric. Did not last.

The two I used in first grow, 2/7. Where my only 2 out of 7 plants with bud rot. All plastic ones where fine. No bud rot

Strange about your opinion of fabric vs plastic pots. I am totally the opposite, I much prefer fabric pots for the better oxygen levels in the medium and air pruning of roots. The medium also dries more consistently. In the end it is what ever one has had a better experience with and is accustomed too.


I’ve ordered a PPM meter from Amazon should be here in a day or two. My only issue with the run off in the fabric pots is that it doesn’t seem to “run out” the bottom just the sides when I water. Between waterings the soil gets super hard and doesn’t really soak up water well unless I soak it then I feel like it’s to much water. I’m keeping the temps around 72-75 and my humidity is around 50 percent now. There was a storm about a week ago here that had everything wet for a day or 2. I’m leaning towards that they were to wet for to long and never got to dry out. I also have some Real Growers Recharge. Does anyone think that would help? Everything dried out from the storm and I’ve been crossing my fingers giving just water.

I like the idea of fabric pots. They just always mold on me. Well both times I tried them. Won’t ever be a third. Second time was no damage really. Just a bunch of extra work. First time lost 40% of two plants. Pics of both.

Had to transplant those second two mid flower stretch… lol

Where brand new pots. First use. Way too young for salt buildup anyway. My coco never gets fully dry so neither do the pots.

If you aren’t getting runoff from the bottom of the pot, then it’s like you said, you need to let the water sit and soak a bit.

When soil is super dry it become hydrophobic. Best to give a bit of water, wait a minute, give more, wait a minute, repeat.


Is the bad smell coming from the flower or is coming from the pot the soil cause if its coming from the soil it could be root rot happening and of its root rot you want carefully take the plant out of the pot clean up the roots get rid of any dying roots you will see the roots that are dying and then u transplant into new soil ,bit if its from the flower well i dont know about that one

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Mold has not been an issue for me with either soil or coco. I like to have a ground level fan circulating air and blowing directly on the pots. That may help. Who knows?

It does the same thing in plastic you just don’t know it. Water finds the route of least resistance. It might be the side or a little opening in the center. Like Dankloud instructed. Slow at first and let the surface soak some up.

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