Can anyone tell me about ph testers

Can anyone help me understand the ph ,an the testers i got a plant thats getting to yellow i havent used one before . I have my own well i use my water only its very good !im not sure what to do

Let’s see pics of your plant. Well go from there.

Cannabis in soil should have a pH between 6.3 and 6.8. Catch the runoff water each time you water/feed, test it for pH, and adjust as necessary with pH Up and pH Down products.

Apera and Bluelab both make great meters.

How old is the plant? Is the yellowing limited to the lower leaves?


@MidwestGuy is there a catagory here for just ph? Seems like i read a how to understand and read ph post on here once that could be tagged, but i couldnt find it.

Ill take pic of it when i go over ther iv had 2 out of 6 skunks have yellow leaves but good buds i have every time i pant seeds the ones that dont realy grow ,i like to grow them i ussualy get like one big bud or but im learn about ph ill buy a tester i used to take care of pool isnt it similar?

What does it mean when just lower leaves turn ? An no sir the yellow is on both

This is one its just a solid but about 10 inchs tall bigger than a corn dog .:laughing::grin:

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That means it’s about ready to harvest. You want that color about now, otherwise you’ll be getting some unwanted chlorophyll and nutrient tastes. No feed just let her Trichomes turn about 10% Amber.

By the way, keep your pH probe in the probe solution when not in use. Get some distilled water (pH 7.0) for testing.

distilled water ?
did i fall for the sales pitch and buy PH testing solution for no reason?
i’m a sucker for a cute saleswoman


These rwo are my odd ones i think most ppl pull the lil plants that are stunted but i grow the the long skinny one shot up in 2 days the other one thats just a solid bud was her sister i guess you say they were born an raised beside each other

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Thank you ill try that my skunk plants were all yellowish but otherwise heathy they smoke nice.i guess ill try do it correctly i only use my well water its allso only water i drink

Yes im familiar with harvest time yellow this is different they not old enuff yet

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Blue labs :+1: … i had a crappy $12 one …had PH issues now I don’t :wink:.

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I def use the test solution to calibrate my probe. But on a daily use basis I’ll use a shot glass of distilled water to confirm my probe is accurate.

They are getting a little long in the tooth. Still have some growing to do but it’s time to hit them with some GH Ripen or GH Kool Bloom.
General Hydroponics KoolBloom 2-45-28 is a dry concentrated plant food supplement that is formulated to promote intense and abundant flowering ¹³. It contains the nutrients needed to enhance the production of robust blooms as well as essential oils and fragrance in many flowers and culinary and medicinal herbs ¹. The product is part of a blooming feeding regimen, and it is recommended to start with Liquid Koolbloom during the early stages of blooming following feed chart instructions. Switch to KoolBloom® only during the last 1-2 weeks of flowering to promote ripening in plants.

How old are they? It’s just that they look like they’re done vegging and the Trichomes are dense on them buds.

Distilled or RO water lack enough ions to ever give an accurate pH reading. You can rinse a pH meter in distilled or RO water, but never store a probe in it. Always use a KCl solution for storing a probe in.

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Thank you

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They never realy veged they went from normal seedlings to that the long one done all that in 2 days the bud litterly dripping with stickys stuff it smells very good

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Thank you im going to order on this evening

I just use ph strips. Cheap, and they seem accurate enough for me. I bought a cheap meter, and I don’t trust it.

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I normaly dond have trouble i started trying keep plants small solid buds ,i dont ussually buy cheap stuff ,

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