Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with this damn plant

This auto is about 4 weeks into flower… I think. It wasnt even supposed to be an auto…thisbis my first grow so I didn’t even know what was going on. But I’ve just been going with it and I then I notice these side tops or whatever…they are coming off a main branch but I think they might be from topping…while I still thought it was a photo…but they are growing past the main coals and not only are they not budding but they are deformed as shit! Can anyone tell me what up and why they’re like that

I would say genetics for deformation and if ur lighting is 18/6 and it still flowers it’s an auto

Yep, genetics…

Looks like they are indeed flowering. Just 4 weeks behind the rest of the plant.

Probably stress due to topping caused the single leaves. It happens sometimes at first during cloning.

Just let them finish. Maybe they’ll turn out ok.

It’s best not to top autos.

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Get a pic of plant to left. Looks like heat stress from lights. The leaves are for sure stressed. As far as the deformed weird one. I’d say it’s a deformed weird one. Lol sorry I haven’t seen that yet. But please post pic of the others leaves so people can help. I think its heat from lights.

This is the plant on the left. Lights have been at about 12 inches but haven’t seen much tacoing on. Maybe some sk I have backed them off a bit. But I’m wondering if an auto can turn into a hermie…maybe from minor light leak or something? Is it forsure a female or should I get rid of it? 15803578937353513603562351941977|375x500

And it is like 68 days since it popped out of the coco. So it can’t have much longer to flower right… should I just cut

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No! Dont cut off anything if these are autos! And what do you mean by finished soon? Day 68 thats only 2 months! No way! That plant has a lot of flowering left to go. There seems to be some confusion with regard to the suggested flowering times. An example, a regular Thai plant can be in veg for 3 months and flower for another 3 months or more! Some arent harvested until late January! So the recommendation on flowering time may not include veg time or transition.

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Shit. Too late man. I just didnt think they were going to do much even if they starting budding and they had to be so far behind in would of been waiting alot longer and of the rest of tf he plant is finished… idk man and I figured it was just wasting energy and it could be focused on the 4 or 5 other tops